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Fuck you, Dave - NA, Rochester, NY

Well, Stuart is absolutely terrific - hysterical! - and the rest of the cast is pretty funny too BUT Stuart is clearly the star of this podcast. The whole cast is very talented and I can tell they're having a great time.

I died. Like, died. It's that funny...

OMG. I cant stop surfing your Bedasso site. I think I have found my new home.

You guys are perverts

Kick ass show guys. Really enjoyed the entire thing, and yes I listened to it all. You can tell and hear that you're all just sittin' around drinking beer and having a good time

You guys have the dubious distinction of doing one of the only two podcasts I actually listen to...And the only talky one

Loving the podcast people. Keeps me sane while at work. I am a local listener and a fan

I am officially addicted to The Stuart Bedasso Show!

Thanx so much for making The Stuart Bedasso Show!!!

Your show sounds funny

The show is an hour-long mix of slapstick, funny stories, cynicism and high quality though often ridiculously obscure music. It's a good mix- 2008 Best of Maui, Maui Time Weekly

I don't do podcasts, but I finally made an exception and listened to TSBS and I liked it! It made me laugh- AW, London, England

The Stuart Bedasso Show, a locally produced podcast that I like a lot. -The Mauitime Weekly

You sound like a funny guy- CH, Chester, PA

I love the show. I have been laughing my ass off ever since I discovered it. -DR, Madison,WI

Just as crazy from Maui as it was in Rochester, only more exotic- JB, Rochester, NY

I'm really glad you turned me onto your show - the planet needs more stuff like that, and you're certainly as cool as you think you are. way to be- AL, Annapolis, MD

I've loved your podcasts, and I've actually been following everything- CC, Charlotte, NC

I love it!! Very amusing. You have a new fan. -DT, Ashville, NC

You guys are hilarious- JD, Albany, NY

I smile very loudly. -BA, Mesa, AZ

Great job with the radio show. It's great- LR, Rochester, NY

So again as long as my name and that episode is available for download its not over. Take it down and you will never hear from me again- VP, Webster, NY
Where's my money, bitch- Erick's Pimp.

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