Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Show - Ho Jo is a No Go

Download the Show Here:

The final recording from this Dikoff Studio.  Sean recaps his trip to see Wilco, we get ready for the trip to the new studio...there's going to be new technology, so you know that can't go wrong.  We figure that Canada's no smoking is not really the same as America's no smoking.  If you're not into the second hand smoke, don't go to the Ho Jo's!

Jasiri X - 10 Frisk Commandments
Woody Guthrie - I've Got To Know
Leftover Salmon - Stop All Your Worrying
Jonathan Coulton - I Feel Fantastic
Jimmy Cliff - Rebel Rebel

Sunday, July 22, 2012

New Show - I Side With

Download the Show Here:

We talk a little bit about the police brutality that happened in downtown Rochester the other day, but most of the show is an interview with Taylor Peck, one of the creators of the latest internet / political sensation  We talk to Taylor about the creation of the site, how it works and what are the implications.  It is an awesome of the best things we've done on TSBS that doesn't involve porn...though Dave did work it into the conversation.  A must listen!

Sunnyland Slim - Be Careful How You Vote
Public Enemy - Truth Decay

Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Show - Co-opoly

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I think we may have coined a new phrase with this show - Girl Junk.  Our tribute to the late, great actor and masturbator, Ernest Borgnine kicks off the show.  What's the effing deal with Kodak?  The judge should just put them out of our misery.  Jeremy sucks, but Brian, from Co-oply rocks!  We interviewed Brian Van Slyke from the co-operative who brings you Co-opoly. We talk about the game, co-operatives in general and the history of Monopoly.  A great story!  Buy a Co-opoly from the Stuart Bedasso website and get awesome swag!  We kid you not!

Special shout out section!  Make sure you check out the book signing by TSBS friend, James Bailey.  It's on July 21, 2012 at Liftbridge Book Shop in Brockport, NY from 2-4pm.  James is there signing is debut novel, The Greatest Show on Dirt.  Tell him Stu sent ya!

Eleni Mandell - Magic Summertime
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Pockets

Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Show - Tough Mudder

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The gang is ALL here!  Peter, Dan, Sean, Eve, Melyssa & Dave.  The kids did a good job of not talking over each other.  Eve has gonorrhea.  Dave, Peter and Eve have a new hobby, Rochester Free Radio. Check it out! Sean's getting ready to "compete" in a Tough Mudder and it looks like there's going to be a TSBS team next year.  Bad porn?  We got it.  More great band names as well!

Slavic Soul Party - Walter Harley
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Mother In Law
The Dirty Dozen Brass Band - Trippin' Inside A Bubble
Jimmy 'Duck' Holmes - Wake Up, Woman

Sunday, July 1, 2012

New Show - Funky Mayor

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Sean, Eve, Melyssa and Dave dish the dirt about Rochester's Funky Mayor.  Hey everybody!  We're all gonna get Funky!  And speaking of funky (in a good way) we discuss the Betty Dodson DVD Bodysex Workshop.  Get your copy today!  A little Beer Fest talk is good for everyone and look out, there goes Dave's and Eve's new neighborhood.  And at the end we talk about, for the last time, hopefully, the Karen Klein incident in Greece, NY.

Neneh Cherry and The Thing - Golden Heart
Merry Clayton - Love Me Or Let Me Be Lonely
The Sadies and Andre Williams - I Gotta Get Shorty Out Of Jail
Queen Omega - Media's Corruption