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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

This Kool-Aid Tastes Familiar

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It's late and if I'm not going to go to bed there are a million things I should be working on, but I just can't.  Everywhere I go on the internets I see liberals plotzing over the President saying gays should be allowed to marry.  Doesn't this kool-aid taste a bit familiar? 

First of all, as Stuart mentioned on his Facebook earlier today, why is it that Barack Obama's values "evolve" while Mitt Romney flip-flops?  Kind of a double-standard don't you think?  You have to look at the "hope & change" smoke and mirrors bullshit and all the rhetoric while doing a lot of bad, nasty stuff.  This is pure calculation.  Really?  Joe Biden pushed him to come out and say this?  This was staged, pure and simple. 

OK...Obama said gays should be allowed to marry.  He's the freaking POTUS, what's he going to do about it?    Nothing, that's what.  He found his out..."but it's still up to the states to decide."  Fuck you, dude.  And all the liberals (notice I said liberals, not progressives) are swallowing this stuff all over again.  Why?

Because they've been searching for anything they can to hold on to the "hope" that he'll come around and do something liberal.  Not talk.  DO.  Hey POTUS, how about that Executive Order repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell?  Thought not. 

A lot of my Facebook friends are delirious that this has gone down.  Many of them are also my friends in real life, too.  And I know my tone with this is going to annoy them, but this is the coldest, calculatedest, political move this guy has ever done..  Look at the laundry list of issues he's "pulled the football" from.  [Note: this was written before the "revelation" was announced and I wouldn't use the word "progressive" in the context this author did, but the list is spot on.]

Yes, Barack Obama pulling this stunt does have one good part to it, even though his reason for doing it is wrong.  The President of the United States saying that gays should be allowed to marry is one tiny brick in the wall in the struggle for equality.  But really, it's not as big of a deal as many are making it.  He's a Democrat!  He's supposed to accept same sex marriage.  Think about it...this being such a big deal to so many...doesn't that tell you that maybe the bar is a bit low?

And why now?  Huh?  This wasn't really on the mainstream media's radar right now.  And as many wealthier gays had been holding out in contributing - let's see how many of them start ponying up this week.  Calculated.  Shoot, I'm wondering if another war is right around the corner.

OK...and one last point.  Even if this is legit; real "evolution".  The Green Party and all 3 of the people vying for their nomination have always been down with same-sex marriage.  And every single other issue people who are liberal or progressive claim to stand for. Just sayin.

I'm sure I'll post another time on the "lesser of two evils" anti-logic as we get closer to the election. 

Alrighty...feel free to let me have it in the comments.
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