Sunday, June 24, 2012

Taye Diggs As Urkel

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Dave and Melyssa start out at Dikoff Studio and are soon joined by the lovely and talented Evora.  Recap of last week's birthday fandango starts us off as well as tales of ex-es and wannabe ex-es.  We had to touch on the ubiquitous story of Karen Klein, the bus monitor from Greece, NY.  But we also talk about the kids involved.  How should we deal with them?  The kids should be taught about an Empathetic Civilisation.  We also preview the upcoming, permenant Dikoff Studio.  Can't wait!

The Dead Kenny G's - Punk Rock Girlfriend
Luka Bloom - No Big Deal
Richard and Linda Thompson - I Want To See The Bright Lights Tonight

Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Show - Senator Cockblock

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It's Melyssa's and Dan's birthday!  They're having a party and we join in.  There's some silly, some serious and some whatchutalkinboutwillis.  Dave is a job creator.  That's what he does.  And the job he has just created is open and looking for applicants.  Anyone want to be a State Sodomizer?  You'll have to take the civil service exam.  We explore autism and charities connected to it with one of our special guests.  And then there's booze.  You want it, we got it.  Next week we're back at Dikoff Studio, but for now, grab your party favor and get into the groove!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sex Toy Review - Honi Vibe

This sex toy review from Melyssa is in the form of a limerick. 

Pico Bong has a vibrator called Honi.
With six speeds, it really does floor me.
It tickled my clit
and I came rather quick.
It was good fun to use when he boned me.

This makes me consider making all of our reviews in the form of a Haiku.  Stay tuned.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

New Show - It's All About Money

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Years ago, I was (I thought) in love with a woman who was a bit of a deadhead.  She bathed and had a job, but other than that, she was pretty onboard with the whole culture.  So in order to woo her - because that's what you do to deadhead chicks - woo them - I began dipping my toe into the pond of tape trading.  That tells you how long ago this was.  So, to use the tape trading lingo, this show is a B+ Audience boot of our friend, Deborah Magone's video premier of It's All About the Money.  There's some talking, there's some raffling, and there's some music.  Our number one Canadian listener, Rhonda C was in the house and joined us as well!  The show is a bit longer than our usual.  You get a bonus 30 minutes so pack a sandwich and enjoy the show!  And if you're checking this out on our website,, you'll be able to see the video!

Deborah Magone Band - One World, One Love, It's All About the Money, Queen Bee

Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Show - Meet The New Boobs

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Melyssa's Breasts.  That's all that needs to be said.  Sean is back and so is Dan and we really kick up a storm.  Dave's bumps into his college advisor and the world is good again.  We're making podcasting plans including your opportunity to be on The Stuart Bedasso Show.  New ideas for Victoria Secret are bandied about.  Would you fight for your mate?  Dave, not so much.  Finally, Dave laments on the organizations who are lining up to endorse Barak Obama even though they should know better.

Joe Walsh - Analog Man
Anuhea - Fight For Me Tonight
Men Without Hats - Everybody Knows
Marachi El Bronx - Revolution Girls
Leftover Salmon - Stop All Your Worrying