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Monday, April 1, 2024

Uncommitted is a Joke: Don't Believe the Hype!

There’s this semi-movement happening within the Democratic Party in the United States.  Folks in the party are trying to get voters to vote in their primary for President for “uncommitted” if that’s an option in a particular state, or to leave that choice blank.


OK, I get it.  But let me tell you why that’s not really going to do anything.  Because the overseers (and I use that word on purpose) of the Democratic Party know, that in the general election, y’all are going to go back to Blue No Matter Who aka Trump Derangement Syndrome.


How do I know this?  Because in New York State, where we are based, we have something called the Working Families Party (WFP).  In New York, a candidate can run on more than one ballot line.  It’s called fusion voting and it’s one of the leading reasons we’re so corrupt.  For the overwhelming majority of the time, the WFP just runs Democrats on their line, and most of them are the same ones running on the Democratic Party’s line.  There is no real incentive for the people in office to do the will of the people when they know that no matter which line you vote on, the same corporate-sponsored person is in office doing the same shenanigans they’ve been doing.  We’ve had this system for decades and this is what we have had all this time.  


“I’ll show them, I’ll vote for them on the Working Families Party!”  We hear this all the time, and yet every year, these folks are frustrated with their government.  


This “uncommitted” scheme is the same thing.  Do you think any Dem operative is shaking in the least over this?  They’re not.  Want to really make them take notice?  Vote third party in the general election then get out into the streets and fight whichever zombie wins in November.  In fact, we should all be out in the streets anyway, be at every local government meeting, writing emails, tagging elected officials, doing it all.  


This isn’t cliché.  The lesser of two evils strategy is what got us into this mess.  These psychopaths are not going to negotiate with us.  Thousands of dead Palestinians, millions of Americans with crippling debt, climate change disasters happening right now, and continued systemic government violence against anyone who isn’t a straight, white, rich male is proof of that.   


You have to vote your values (and hit the streets) or we’re never going to get the change we need.  





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