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Sunday, December 4, 2022

Where Did All The Podcasts Go?

Where Did All the Podcasts Go?

If you’ve been to StuartBedasso.com in the past, you know that we had over 600 podcasts from the over 14 years of doing the show on the site.  Well, a crazy thing happened.  One of our hosts ended up losing his job because of the show.  Why?  The explanation is long and complicated, but let’s just say that because of the entire incident we decided to take most of them down.

But All the Shows are Still Up on Podcast Platforms!

Yeah.  We took down the links on OUR site, but we really don’t have control over what stays on, say iTunes for example.  The platforms in which still have the deleted shows just have dead links.  Hopefully they have some kind of bot that can clean that up.

Which Shows Did You Keep Up and Why?

We kept the handful of shows that weren’t…uh…zany?  After listening to our first show back, you’ll understand why.

So Those 600+ Shows Are Gone Forever?

Not so fast, my friend.  We have them all and will be putting a classic show once a month on our Patreon page.  And when we post each one, we’ll let you know on all of our social media sites.  If you want to get your ears on them, it’s going to cost you.  An entire dollar a

month.  Of course you can always give more a month, but that’s up to you.  

Because of the “Incident” Will You Be Changing the Show?

Nah.  But we did learn about some technical issues we didn’t know we had so everyone’s job (when he gets one) should be safe.

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