Sunday, July 27, 2014

New Show - Literary Nerd Games

Download the Show Here:

A huge show with Juliette, Nina, Dan and Chris (oh, and Melyssa and Dave).  We talk about Fringe Festivals, Glamping, creepy celebrities and the ins and outs of working for yourself.  Did you know the Muppets song, Manamana, is really from the soundtrack of an Italian Porn?  (SFW) Oh, I will find this movie. We really had a fun time with this show.

Johnny Winter - Black Cat Bone
Ginger Baker's Air Force - Sweet Wine
Common - Nobody's Smiling
Loverboy - Fire Me Up

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Show - Joe Schmoe's Vagina

AKA: Hobby Lobby Sucks!

Download the Show Here:

Melyssa tries out some new toxic Doritos product so we relive some old times with some old bits.  Which gets us talking about what is humor in these days of trigger warnings and such.  July 4th is all about making up with estranged friends.  Dave may have killed diabetes...but probably not.  And we brag about our kids.

Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Powerful 'Merika
The Patterson Twins - I Got Some Problems
David Walker - Ring The Changes
Rebirth Brass Band - Who's Rockin, Who's Rollin
Delano Stewart And Guests - Rocking Sensation
Andrew Jackson Jihad - I Wanna Rock Out In My Dreams