Sunday, March 30, 2014

New Show - Dicking Around

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We're back!  Dave talks about his latest adventure. Nothing like living 8 days in a lobby. Stuff did get done though, no dicking around here.  We talk about unions and the future of workers.  Can you call it a "fundraiser" if you actually lose money?  Looks like we're looking for a new co-host.  Do you fit the bill?  You need to beat out Brian White.

Ack! - Pictures
Buddahahood - Perfect Light
Red Inc. - Godot
JB And Company - Life's Little Pleasures

Sunday, March 16, 2014

New Show - Moose Knuckle Jamboree

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Dan Nahum returns to the show after a long hiatus.  Dave's old lady made him buy a suit from Dan.  Hilarity ensues. More tails of horror from retail.  Have you been fighting climate change? No? Then shut up about the weather. Just. Shut. Up. The last edition of Nad Watch 2014.  We promise. Don't read Huffington Post. Don't even share their links. 

Mel Torme - I'm Hip
The Dollyrots - Come And Get It
Christina Skjolberg - Come And Get It
Wagtails - I Drink 'Cause I Can
The Hi-Risers - You Made Me Look Like Keith
The Coathangers - Trailer Park Boulevard
Kathy Collins - Lessons For Tourists

Sunday, March 9, 2014

New Show - We're Talking Baseball

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Friend of Dave's and now Friend of Stu's, James Bailey joins us to talk about his new novel, Nine Bucks A Pound.  It's available wherever workers are treated like crap...I mean Amazon.  James' book is self-published so we talk about that part of the biz as well as the writing process.  And there's a little bit of baseball to be discussed.  Let's Play Ball!  And of course an update on Nad Watch 2014.

Kris Davis Trio - Twice Escaped
Lousiana Red - Thirty Dirty Women
The Hollywood Hurricanes - Beavershot

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

God Watches You Masturbate

When the movie Super Size Me came out, a lot of people said that after watching it, the only reaction they had was that they craved the golden arches.  Feel free to rub one out...

Best. Video. Ever. (crappy song though)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

New Show - Nad Watch 2014

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Peter Kline joins us to talk with Ken McDowell of Garden Patch.  We're talking about the Grow Box, which Ken claims is idiot proof.  We're going to put him to the test!  Watch us grow our own food for the first time.  You don't see Wilfred Brimley doing THAT.  Peter thinks we're fools.  Dave relives that awkward moment that involves a gay proposition, a politician and possible career suicide.  Melyssa may be house hunting.

Albert Castiglia - Put Some Stank On It
The Dave Pike Set - Rabbi Mogen's Hideout