Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Show - Sassy Lesbian Waitress

Kiss Her Grits!
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Sure, they're getting older, but Melyssa and Dave know how to bring it.  Shopping and gardening is what all the cool kids are doing and we've got a ton of it.  We're getting ready to bring our Grow Boxes out for a spin.  That's right, fucking tomatoes!  Dave's getting arrested again and a sense of ennui falls upon him.  Melyssa takes Ithaca by storm. And why do so many people want to be Mayor of Rochester?  There must be a hell of a parking spot that comes with the gig.

Al Haig - It's The Talk Of The Town
The Doughoys - Twelve Bars And I Still Have The Blues
Neneh Cherry - Cynical
Jumoke Fashola - The Girl You Can't Forget
The Heptones - Repatriation Is A Must

Sunday, February 16, 2014

New Show - Poop

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Our old friend Peter Kline is back and this week we talk about poop.  Well, not JUST poop, but it did seem to keep popping up in conversation.  Rochester Free Radio is now a reality, folks!  Peter ditches Facebook!  Does he even exist as a person now?  Dave has issues with his junk again.  You know you want to hear about it.  What's Pete's new venture?  Only inquiring minds want to know.

Veruca Salt - Shimmer Like A Girl
Pussy - Riding Down The Red Flag
Nina Gordon - Now I Can Die
Big Maybelle - No Better For You
Zeca Do Trombone And Roberto Sax - Santa Inquisicao

Sunday, February 9, 2014

New Show - UncleBrutha's Hot Sauce

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Brennan Proctor joins us this week.  We're talking hot sauce, local businesses, hot sauce, TPP, hot sauce, oh, and hot sauce.  Brennan is the creator of UncleBrutha's Award Winning Hot Sauce.  It is some tasty stuff!  The conversation not only got into the origins of the sauce, but how Brennan started out and is continuing his path to world global hot sauce dominance.  Thinking of starting your own business?  Brennan has some advice for ya.  We also dip into the Trans-Pacific Partnership.  You seriously need to read up on this.  It's NAFTA on steroids.  If you haven't tried it - Go Here.

Sorry, GLB.  We yapped so much, no music this week (and Dave had a couple of hot sauce related tunes).

Sunday, February 2, 2014

New Show - Melyssa Dreams of Dana

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Be a guest on TSBS and you too may be in the dreams of Melyssa - just like Dana Countryman.  What is the deal with Facebook?  Who do you unfollow?  We talk about Woody Allen who needs a punch up the bracket and breaking news about Phillip Seymour Hoffman.  Venus is no longer in retrograde...for everyone but Dave.  Don't forget to contribute to the fund to send Dave's family out of the country.

The Sadies And Andre Williams - Mississippi And Joliet
Jalwal, Annie And Geerasak - Klug Tum La
Blowfly - Sesame Street