Sunday, November 24, 2013

New Show - Hallmark Is Fun

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Because TSBS is THAT exciting, we kick off this week's show talking about fonts.  That's right.  I said it.  Fonts.  You gotta problem with that?  We follow that up with a list of scents old men wear.  Seriously.  The people at Hallmark are douchebags.  Don't buy their shit.  Melyssa talks about how the Affordable Care Act has affected her.  Sean and Dave have their take as well.  Sean's new band has a gig!  Too bad they don't have a name yet.  Dave has an announcement as well.  It's the next big thing.

Andi Deris And Bad Bankers - Cock
Rob Tognoni - Vegemite
The Monks - Hushie Pushie
Luscious Jackson - So Rock On
Kermit Ruffins - I Guess I'll Get The Papers And Go Home
Li'l Wally - She Likes Kiolbasa

Sunday, November 17, 2013

New Show - US Air Sucks

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Melyssa is back!  But this time Sean is out.  Dave is here!  But he has a head full of...uh...stuff.  Breaking: Melyssa takes a trip to Atlanta and DOESN'T get arrested!  But her trip back was hellish.  Go Greyhound before you get on US Air. Our uses of social media is changing. Some ways good, some not so good.  Honey, we never talk about sex anymore.  Who's up for a starter party??!?!

Passafire - Earthquake
Bebel Gilberto - Sun Is Shining
Will Hoge - Bad Ol' Days
Joshua James - Broke
Aynsley Lister - Broke

Friday, November 8, 2013

New Show - Salvation Army Hates Gays

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We're back!  This time Sean and Dave do a little male bonding.  We lost some awards and Dave got spanked in his run for political office, but we've come out of all of it better than ever!  Sean has a new kitty.  Dave wanted to name him One Eyed Pete, but for some reason they named him after a mathematician.  Seriously.  If you're into adopting kitties with special needs, check out