Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Show - OJ Jesus

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Original Jew - Jesus.  Our annual Christmas Show, almost nothing but songs about Jesus.  Dave and Eve's gift to the gang?  Budweiser and Clamato!  And we drink it!  It's not pretty.  We talk about Dave's balls.  Big shock.  Our special guest, Ben, is in the house.  No Clamato for him.  We talk about the new Instagram brou-ha-ha.  The band's getting back together!


Floyd Sears - Jesus Put A Yodel In My Soul
Mungo Jerry - Cool Jesus
Red Light District - Follow Me
Aunt Bertha Presnets Singtime with Tiny Tod Calvin - A Cowboy for Jesus
Yayhoos - Get Right With Jesus

Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Plague Hits TSBS

Not that this is going to help any, but we had an incredible show lined up for this week.  The guys from Keglines were all set to join us for some Christmas Ale.  And then Dave and Sean had to come down with some hideous disease that's going around.  They insist they got it from a toilet seat, but we all know better.  So there's no show for this week.  But on the bright side, there are almost six years worth of previously-enjoyed podcasts to keep you lubed up until next week.  Check out this show, or this one, or have a listen to this little beauty.  See.  All is well.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Show - Ball Crazy

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Special K and Dan are back in the house!  And if Special K is here, you know we're talking balls.  Cuz we're Ball Crazy!  Our Punk folks end up missing the DRI concert tonight.  Special K sees The Sessions.  At least one thumb is up.  And we finally get to our Top 100 Albums.  Chime in!

Josephine Foster and The Victor Herrero Band - Cuatro Pinos
Omar And The Howlers - Take Out Some Insurance
Gold Motel - Leave You In Love
El-Creepo - Stranger Things Have Happened
Kanekoa - Way Down

Sunday, December 2, 2012

New Show - Old Jew Porn

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Everyone loves high school musicals.  Some seem to like them a little more than others.  Stay away from Creepy Dad!  Peter Pan is racist, by the way, yet we still eat the peanut butter.  Melyssa is a fan of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever.  Dave's Dad's on the Facebook!  He's promoting his new venture out in Arizona, so if you live out there and know of someone who needs a DJ, call BJ!

Avishai Cohen - B.R. Story
Holly And The Italians - Tell That Girl To Shut Up
Black Joe Lewis And The Honeybears - Big Booty Woman
Professor Longhair - In The Wee Wee Hours
Ozomatli - Germs
Bad Brains - Youth of Today