Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Show - Vinnie Paulino Is Not Funny

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Stuart read the following tweet from a local guy who claims to be funny:
#FYI if you are a cashier that has a withered hand please do not use it to give me my change #handicapable

The asshat responsible for this is Vinnie Paulino.  He thinks he is funny, but really he's just afraid of people with disabilities.  Go read some of his other tweets @vinniepaulino.  So Stuart decided to have Dave use the Fifth Anniversary of TSBS to teach Vinnie Paulino just exactly what funny is.  This show is a retrospective of some of the best comedy bits of the show over the last five years.  Vinnie Paulino, you're not funny.  The Stuart Bedasso Show is funny.

Benny Bell - Shaving Cream
Storm Large - 8 Miles Wide

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Uncle Twitch - January 22, 2012

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A first for The Stuart Bedasso Show!  Adam Travis, from Keglines, joins us on the show from Hammonsport, NY via Skype!  Dave has a death in the family, Melyssa has joined the other team.  No, not THAT other team.  She got an iPad.  Dave does an interview with a reporter, naked.  Adam works in a petrii dish and nothing can save those shoes.  What would something like SOPA do to TSBS?  Not good things.

Etta James - Sufferin Til Sufferage
Everlast - I Get By
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - New Speedway Boogie
Jona Lewie - Kitchen At Parties

Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Show - Roc Your Pickle

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Roc Your Pickle has just been named the official pickle of The Stuart Bedasso Show.  Heba and Sam from RYP join us to talk about pickles, and they brought...pickles.  (duh)  We also get the low down dirt on the Rochester Public Market.  Two words: Bo Nana! We finally figure out why Stuart is so darn creepy.  Dave calls out our old friend Solomon Blaylock.  Eff Solomon.  Eff your mama.  Heck, eff your whole family!  Our next project?  Used panty quilts.

KRS-One - The Solution
The Little Willies - If You've Got The Time I've Got The Money
Les Sexareenos - Take It Off
Krypton 88 - So Gone About You
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Far Away

(pictures are coming)

Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Show - Toner Phoner Deborah Magone

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One of our best shows ever!  Special musical guest, Deborah Magone, with a live studio audience!  Deb brought along her #1 fan, Ted, and the house was rockin!  Deborah told us how she started in music, talked about her other persuits and what the future holds for her and her band.  Oh yeah, and she played 3 kick ass songs!  We also discussed Susan B. Anthony's poo, got the dirt on Pauly Shore and revealed how Eve stalked and seduced a poor, unsuspecting Dave.

Deborah Magone - Queen Bee (live)
Deborah Magone - It's All About Money (live)
High Voltage - Here Comes The Streaker
Lefties Soul Connection - One Punch Pete
Deborah Magone - Clean Up Woman (live)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Show - Italian Christmas Fish

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It's the first show of the new year!  Hope everyone made it through in good shape.  This show has Melyssa and Dave talking about the past and the future.  Some upcoming goals for The Stuart Bedasso Show.  Melyssa partakes in the Italian Christmas Fish.  Yum!  We hope for the return of The Bugle.  Stupid corporations.  Kelly Clarkson endorses Ron Paul, but doesn't like his extreme stuff.'re stupid.

Ani Difranco - Which Side Are You On
The Madd - Roughy
Krypton 88 - Wrong Side Of His Heart
Kounterclockwise - Neli Latson Story