Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Show - Bar Mitzvah Whore

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Dave, Melyssa and the spouses in the house!  Dave and Eve come back from Washington DC with tales of sticking it to The Man.  And don't forget: My Medicaid Matters!  We have a new demi-god.  Carl...bullhorn wielder...jesus lover.  Melyssa and Dan may make it to the next ADAPT trip.  Dan really sounds like he wants to get arrested.  The new Dickoff Studio is days away!  Who will be our first guests?  Dave and Dan still need their Bar Mitzvahs...and their Bar Mitzvah whores!

Fishbone - DUI Friday
Michael Hall - Baby, You Scare Me

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Show - Postal At Parkleigh

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An intimate podcast with Dave and Melyssa.  Both have been having a tough time with their jobs so we get to hear how things are going down.  And of course it's The Stuart Bedasso Show, so we can't talk about jobs without discussing blow jobs.  Does Dave really hate getting a blow job?  Listen and find out.  Melyssa talks about beer yet again.  It's like Opposite Land on this week's show!  And the music is kick ass this week as well.

Betty Davis - Nasty Gal
Chuck Brown and Eva Cassidy - Fever
Chris Rea - Think Like A Woman
Joss Stone - Karma

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New Show - Gay Raping Rabbits

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A tribute to 9/11 in the way only Stuart can...Aristocrats style!  It's football season so get ready to get your domestic violence on!  Hut! Hut!  Melyssa has her own beer festival.  Hear the reviews.  This guy is a tool.  Be sure to leave him your opinion of his take on the gay.  But the one good thing about his blog - now we know about these gay rabbits raping cats.  WTF?


Charlie Winston - Like A Hobo
Chuy and The Bobcats - Love Spilled Across The Floor
Suzi Quatro - Hot Kiss
Glen Campbell - Nothing But The Whole Wide World

Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Show - Babysitter Barbie

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And we're back!  After a couple of weeks off, Dave and Melyssa are joined by Dan to bring you over an hour of fine audio entertainment.  Melyssa goes to Florida and comes back a little lighter in the family department.  Dave is homeless, but not without a home.  Dave crashes a reunion and listens to a lot of 80's music and sees a lot of pictures of jheri curls.

Thomas Dolby - Evil Twin Brother
Suzi Quatro - A Girl Like Me
Candye Kane - Hard Knock Girl
Babylon Bombs - White Trash Beauty