Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Show - Jill's Grill Thrill

Download the Show Here:

E-mail us here if you're entering the sneeze contest.
We're waiting to see if Michael can take care of Jill's Grill,
boyeeeee! Dave leaves the island, and sees New Jersey. People with
iPhones are losers. It's time for school and Dave has a
bleeder...literally. Make sure you give your money where it should be


Eleni Mandell - Make Out King
The Flyboys - I Couldn't Tell
The Lamphsades - Girl From Another State
Nas - Sly Fox


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Monday, July 7, 2008

New Show - Organic Pussy

Download the Show Here:

We're back! Stuart's got a broken heart, Jill's out of reach and Dave is...uh...Dave. Dave's a humanist at heart, but also hearts Garbage Plates. He's not a Muslim and he's not your savior...Barak Obama is just an ordinary politician - it's just the bar's so damn low now. Keziah's got oil on the brain. Organic pussy?


Max and the Marginalized - McCarthy's Medicine
Abi Tapia - The Easy Way
Billy Bragg - The Johnny Carcinogenic Show
Victoria Vox - Peeping Tomette
Was (not was) - Needletooth
Deborah Magone - Habit With You
Instiga - Senhorita
Hey Bulldog - The Meaning of Loyalty