Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Show - Chocolatey Goodness

Download the Show here:

The gang's all here!  This week we record from Rochester.  Keziah, Mike & Erick and even Jill.  We start off with the Hoff and go to Englebert's brother Darryl.  Then, we touch Jill's Spot, though she may not feel it for a while.  It's Chocolatey Goodness on The Stuart Bedasso Show.  And we revisit Keziah's internet debut with some guy's ass.

Kalu James - Miles
Deborah Harry - You're Too Hot

Sunday, December 16, 2007

New Show - Jill's on Both Sides of the Law

Download the show here

Jill lives on both sides of the law - Jury Duty and a bar fight.  It's Keziah's birthday, Dave wasn't going to go shopping for her present, but it looks like he's going to have to, now.  It's his funeral.  Wanted: an assistant for Dave to stop him from sending drunk e-mails. 


Jake Holmes - Prep School Boys
Legendary Shack Shakers - Swampblood
Colquit - Crying Wolf

Monday, December 10, 2007

New Show - Name Jill's Spot!

Download the show here:

It's audience participation time!  We need you to name Jill's Spot.  Take that any way you want.  Details are on the podcast.  We touch on the writer's strike, figure out how to say Jill Sobule's name (kinda), participate in the battle of the 'Marts, and Jill has Jury Duty.  Unfortunately, they haven't gone into deliberation yet so no juicy details, but it's a nice teaser.

If you have a name for Jill's Spot, you can e-mail it to bedasso23 at yahoo dot com...or through MySpace if you must.


Jill Sobule - We Are The Writers
Ludwig Van - Ted Bundy
Yeasayer - 2080
Cindy Lee Berryhill - When Did Jesus Become a Republican
Cornel West and KRS One - Mr. President

Monday, December 3, 2007

New Show - Wanted: Cockblockers

Download the Show Here!

Jill's new buddy is Alanis Morrisette. Both Dave and Keziah need cockblockers (though not necessarily for the same reasons). Man-Oh-Man, could I go for some shrimp from Long John Silver's! Watch out for that Pussy Power, it'll getcha every time! Warning: this week's show is not safe for the kiddies.

A little bit of music this week:

Peppie & Gippy Cooke - Molukai Nui A Hina
Derek from Soapbox - Holy Man

Monday, November 26, 2007

New Show - Reviewing the Review

Download the Show Here!

Jill's puking and Keziah's tweaking and this leaves Dave podcasting.  He reviews the review, sees a salsa "band" and is immersed in the Maui art scene...well, sort of.  You are being watched, whether you like it or not, so you may as well get off your ass and do something about it.


Jake Holmes - Mission Accomplished
Public Enemy - Frankenstar
Yeasayer - Sunrise
Clyde "Kindy" Sproat - Adios Ke Aloha
Nellie McKay - Identity Theft
Cornel West and BMWMB - America (400 years)
Hooch - Shake the Blues Away

Thursday, November 22, 2007

TSBS - Reviewed at MauiTime Weekly

The Stuart Bedasso Show was just reviewed in the latest MauiTime Weekly. The review and link are below:

[PODCAST] As a fellow podcaster, I can relate to all of the "behind the scenes" stuff that goes into producing one of the blasted things. In our studio we have a lot of swearing, pre-recording screaming, snort-producing laughter and, worst of all, dull moments where we have absolutely nothing to say. Enough about us, let's talk about The Stuart Bedasso Show, a locally produced podcast that I like a lot. Hosts Dave and Jill have great chemistry. They play cool music from the Krinkles to Public Enemy and talk about stuff like whooping people's asses and their friend's roommate's heroin problem. Dave's favorite phrase is "goddammit" and I'm pretty sure that he eats those recalled Aquadots. This is really interesting because, like most parents, I have some stray Aquadots left in my home and have been tempted to ingest a few myself. Ruffies rule. MTW

MauiTime Weekly

Listen to our review of the review on next week's show!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Buy Nothing Day


Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Show - Condomjacked

Download the Show Here!

Jill gets pursejacked - a year's supply of drinking receipts and bad condoms for all to see.  Or at least a creepy admirer.  It seems that we have our own Tucker on Maui.  Keziah gets hit on by yet another dumb straight guy...isn't that how she and Dave met?


Micah Wolf - Burden
Vic Sadot - Mad Cowboy Disease
Uncle Dirty - Locals Only

Monday, November 12, 2007

New Show - Keziah's Heroin Diary

Download the Show Here!

As Jill basks in the glow of...uh...glowing, Keziah almost catches on fire...literally.  But her stuff is OK and that's all that matters.  Dave goes to a "luau" at the VFW and isn't brandished a traitor.  You deserve your Chinese toys as much as Dave deserves his new radio stalker.  The Krinkles rule and they're finally on The Stuart Bedasso Show!  Rejoice!


The Freakin Krinkles - Dirty Girl
Group X - I Just Want Bang, Bang, Bang
Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 - Ole! Tarantula
Nellie McKay - Mother of Pearl
Public Enemy - Escapism

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Show - Down With Jilly Bean!

Download the Show Here!

For a second straight week we tried to play The Krinkles and the wrong song came on.  It could be the communists.  Jill's new-found activism sends someone to the brink of suicide.  Read the article as Corkys revolt!  Dave talks about his hypnosis and doesn't cluck like a chicken.  It rains in Kihei!  Save the Geckos!


Not The Krinkles
Eric Schwartz - The Beelzebub Rag
Deborah Harry - Two Times Blue
Erin Smith - For Pete's Sake
John Teleska - Jelly Bean Jive
Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra - Pirates of the Heart

Monday, October 29, 2007

New Show - Bad, Bad Nanny

Download The Show Here!

Even though Dave called Kanekoa "butt ugly" they still love us.  They put the audio of our review of their show on their MySpace Page.  Pretty cool.  In the year 3000, Dave will have a big penis and Jill will have straight hair.  Can't wait!  Keziah ends up in bed with Quesadillas.  Quesadillas win.  But she fulfills one of Dave's fantasies by becoming a "Bad, Bad Nanny".  Nude beaches and firewalkers are fine and dandy, but if you touch Jill's boobs you'll get a world of hurtin.


Casino - Floorshaker
Unknown song that we can't figure out
The Atomic Swindlers - Intergalactic Lesbian Love Song
Erin Smith - One of the Boys

Monday, October 22, 2007

New Show - Don't Bagpipe Me!

Download the show here!

Here is the link to Keziah's photography.  Enjoy!

It seems that our buddy Hal went Bagpipe on us.  Wanna know what that means?  You'll have to listen to the show.  And you can't swear on stage in Maui, but you sure can on the Stuart Bedasso Show, God Damn It!  We have Camel Toe and Scared Bunnies for all you freaks out there.


The Atomic Swindlers - Empty Girl
Autumn Lost - Home
The Krinkles - I Want You
Kanekoa - Ever Since

Sunday, October 14, 2007

New Show - Shhh...Be Vewy Qwiet...

Download the Show Here!

This week Stuart's off hunting pig and Jill's been hunting mice. vewy qwiet...

Keziah's doing her best for the Malaysia.  If she has so much dirty underwear laying around, she's actually an internet millionaire (see previous references to internet wampum).

Ho! Ho! Ho!  There's Christmas shit in the stores so we give a quick guide to holiday gift giving.  Don't forget Dafna's for all your Jew needs.


Ann Magnuson - Hey There Little Miss Pussy Pants
David Martinez - Can't Find You
Kanekoa - Bustin' Rock

Pictures from the Wailea / Makena protest:

Monday, October 8, 2007

New Show - Ass Finds Keziah

Download the Show Here!

Here is the link for the raffle to win a trip for 2 to Maui.  And if you win the trip from going to it from this site you also get to be on the show.  Jill says we force you to be on the show, but we hope that doesn't stop you from entering.

We send some more love to some music friends, though maybe not the love they were looking for, but you folks in England can stop e-mailing Dave now.

Keziah wasn't out looking for ass (at least not that kind), but ass found her. 


Mavis Staples - Down in Mississippi
Black Square - Answering Machine
The Red Button - Can't Stop Thinking About Her
Ann Mangnuson - Full of Fuck

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm not down with EVERY protest

Damn. Sometimes you just can't get a break. Now the visually impaired are protesting hybrid cars because they don't make enough noise. I'm not saying f-the VI, but...damn, what's a brother gotta do to get a break around here?

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Democrats are Lame and Impotent

I can't even get mad at this any more. I'm just going to keep blogging on it in an I told you so way and hope it does a little to add to the drumbeat for these accomplices to murder to stop funding the war. That's what your Sentors are. They can stop the illegal occupation by not funding it and yet...Senate Passes $150 Billion War Spending Bill 92-3. Reid and Durbin talk tough...92-3???? Keep your mouth shut!

Oh, but Hoping the political landscape changes in coming months, Democratic leaders say they will renew their fight when Congress considers the money Bush wants in war funding. Fuck you. The political landscape? What about the people who are dying for corruption. It's times like this that I actually hope there IS a god so these people will be judged.

Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Show - Gay Nanny's Club

Download the Show Here!

Stuart's still running from OJ so we had to go on without him, but Jill and Keziah are back.  Keziah with another episode of Keziah's Korner and Jill with her rebelling liver.  Keziah's started the Gay Nanny's Club and Dave follows a Gay African on the air.  Did Dave lose a friend because of The Stuart Bedasso Show?  We look at Bill O'Reiley's take on black folks and The War Criminal's hypocrisy about Burma.  They got us...we play another song from Sheedyfrost.


Eric Schwartz - Clinton Got a Blowjob
Sheedyfrost - War of Words
The Raw McGillys - Long, Long Day
Nervous But Excited - Wishlist
The Red Button - Cruel Girl

Monday, September 24, 2007

New Show - Alone Again, Naturally

Download the Show Here!

This week it's just Dave and all his friends.  Stuart is still on the run - OJ's out on bail, Jill's in the fetal position and Keziah's brain hurts.  You gotta check out Hot Chicks with Douchebags.  It's slim pickens for Greens on Maui.  Just because someone has a vagina, doesn't mean you have to vote for her.  Suck is suck.  Now we're in the Facebook nation.  It's MySpace without the bling.  Great freakin new music this week...


Black Square - Songs Don't Seem the Same
Luan Parle - Free
Sisters Grimm - Stoney Lonesome 2
The Moons - Wondering
Laura Cheadle - Lay Me Down
The Cain and Beesh Band - Waikiki
Cherri Capri and the Martini Kings - Creamy Cocktail

Monday, September 17, 2007

New Show - Jill is Immune to Disease!

Download the show here!

That's right, Boys! The line forms here! Both Dave & Keziah are sick, but Jill claims her invulnerability to disease. And Stuart was held up by OJ!!! Ain't no cure for that. Get your Black Panther Hot Sauce. Jill and Dave go the mall to talk about Jill's new crush - OMG! Dave's fresh off the boat, and Jill makes sure he knows it.


Anuhea - Endlessly
Mexican Cession - The Drinking Song
Whitee - Building a Movement
Trevor R. Todd - Hey Kids
Kermit Ruffins - Honey Chile
Public Enemy - Revolution

Monday, September 10, 2007

New Show - Drag Queens and Jesus

Download the show here!

What a show!  First, as we were just about to finish up, the laptop freezes and we lost everything.  So, Jill and Dave had to re-do the whole show while retaining its creamy goodness.  Mission accomplished!

After listening to this week's Keziah's Korner, Dave rejoices as he's finally gone to a better party than K.  Dave, Jill (and Keziah) work through Dave's inability to recognize a drag queen.  Jill and her pal, Eileen Downe create havoc at an airport.  You may understand airlines a bit better after this.  Dave blogs his way into trouble.  Jill Digs Jesus and method acting.  Confused?  You won't be after this episode of...TSBS.


Lovechild - Out of Body
Jim Stephens and Team Flash - Jesus on the Mainline
Trevor R. Todd - Creepy Jesus Figurine

Monday, September 3, 2007

New Show - Gay Sex is OK!

Download the show here!

GAY SEX!  Are you paying attention now?  We talk about Larry Craig and his having to hide is gayness.  Larry, you're gay...and it's OK.  And on that, just as Jill decides not to be a slut, Dave declares that we're not having enough sex.  Go figure.  A challenge to Sheedyfrost fans.  Dave accidentally gives the finger to the FCC.  And "little bastards"...can't live with 'em, pass the beer nuts.


Jim Stephens and Team Flash - Keep On
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Fetish
Mexican Cession - Amnesia Girl
Kill Henry Sugar - Kill That Guy

Monday, August 27, 2007

New Show - Girls Gone Juggling

Download your show here!

What's the big deal here?  This week on Keziah's Korner, Keziah makes out with two women in one evening and blames alcohol.  Aaaaannnndddd?????

Dave's Aunt is feeling old and she's taking the rest of us with her.  Shopping at outlet stores is hot, so hot.  Maui has no Green Party....this is a job for <em>Greenman</em>!

Jill let's us know about the creepy, crawly things in Maui and she's about to become rich with her new video series, America's Best Bar Fights.

Oh, and if you want to listen to Dave's shift on Manao Radio, Friday, August 31st, 8pm - Midnight, Hawaiian Time.  You can listen here.


Robyn Hitchcock - Adventure Rocket Ship
The Bastard Fairies - Apple Pie
Jill Sobule - Letting Go of God
Doug and the Slugs - Just Another Case

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Part of Stuart's Crew on the Radio

Dave, from The Stuart Bedasso Show, begins his jaunt back into the world of radio with his first shift on Mana'o Radio on Friday, August 31st from 8pm to Midnight, Hawaiian time.

[That's 2am - 6am Eastern, etc]

If you don't live in Kahului you can get the show online at It's free form so as long as he doesn't incur the wrath of the FCC, he's playing anything and everything. Tune in!


Game On!

Alrighty then. Everything's back to normal and the show is good to go. You can download it here. Thanks!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Down Goes Stuart

Hello, Stuart Bedasso Fans!

It seems that our host company is having some server issues so the show is temporarily unavailable. We'll let you know as soon as it's back up. Thanks for your patience.


Monday, August 20, 2007

The Stuart Bedasso Show - The Road to Oprah

Download the Show Here!

Another great show with more guests...Jill's back once again and this time
Robert Blackburn, from Blackdog Recording Studio joins the show.  Robert and Dave tell us about the Road to Hana and Dave's accidental flashing...but it's OK because he "was in the pool!"  We also ran through a list of all the famous people - dead and alive who have land on Maui.  Keziah's Korner was another hard-hitting Stuart Bedasso exclusive and Dave backed it up with more info.  Call those Representatives! 


The Apples in stereo - Energy
Fishbone - Ghetto Soundwave
Anuhea - I Just Want You Around
The Dollyrots - A Desperate SOS

Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's Audience Participation Time!

Hey Boys and Girls!

It's audience participation time!

Vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show at Podcast Alley. PA is one of the premier podcasting portals!

The whole process will take you 30 seconds.

Just click here.

Let's shoot for a top 10 ranking!

Monday, August 13, 2007

New Show - Owl's Are Our Friends

Download the show here!

This week's show featured Jill, once again.  We revisited hippies (and Dave was deemed a mean one).  We also talked Jill's near-death experience with an owl...or a car window.  And she has funky dreams.  You should hear about the ones she didn't talk about on the air.  We also touched on the craze that is sweeping Russia - the 100m high-heeled dash.  There's seat covers then there's "The Hover".  Which do you do?  And this week on Keziah's Korner - Keziah & Caleb go see Daft Punk.

We also try to help our new friend James get one million MySpace friends.  James is a kid in the UK with Leukaemia.  You can get to James' space through our page or his. 


The ReBirth Brass Band - Rollin
Jenn Wertz - Little Girl Solidarity Song
Southpaw Jones - Hot So Hot
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - ACDC
Domenicer - Pornstar Like Traci Lords (the remix)

Monday, August 6, 2007

New Show - Damn Those Hippies!

Download the Show Here!

Keziah's back!!!  Well, sort of.  We're still working out a bunch of technical stuff (damn you, Time Warner), but in the meantime, Keziah's become our own Andy Rooney.  But we're calling the pre-recorded segment Keziah's Korner.  Get it? 

We also had a special guest this week - Jill from Dafna's in Paia, Hawaii.  We talked about her store, local scams in Maui and the big topic - Hippies.  Yep...John Lennon sang "Woman is the Nigger of the World".  Well, "Hippies are the Niggers of Maui".  Not quite as poetic...and Women and Black folks don't choose those demographics whereas hippies...anyway, check it out.

Milton - God and Money
Jill Sobule - Blue Train (live)
David Gerald - Stay
The Affections - Get it for You
Gaucho Gil - The War is Going Well

Sunday, July 29, 2007

New Show - Cleavage in the Darndest Places

Download the Show

Our first show from Maui.  Dave's in a tropical "paradise" on his own.  He talks about the meaning of paradise and some strange quirks about Maui.  Why would anyone spend thousands of dollars to come to Hawaii to dance in a crappy disco to the same crappy music you could dance to at home?  Hawaiians love speed bumps and the gecko.  The Hillary vs. Obama lame-off continues.  And it's time for another edition of Presidential Polyps.  Make sure you get the home version.  Hillary has boobies.  Uh...hooray?  But Dave has a better story about Congressional Boobies...which leads him to thoughts of a Clinton / Slaughter oil wrestling match.  Not pretty.


Thrill Racer - Class Conscious
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - On the Moon
The Dollyrots - Hysteria
Kill Henry Sugar - Wildest Dreams
Public Enemy - Psycho of Greed
Dream Kitchen - Fossil Fuel
Wonderlick - This Song is a Commercial
Blind Boys of Alabama - Dimming of the Day

Thursday, July 26, 2007

New Schedule for TSBS

Hello Boys & Girls!

As some of you may know, Keziah's moved to Annapolis and Dave's moved to Maui. The show will go on, but we're going to be on a new schedule. Starting now, shows will be recorded and posted on Sundays. So this week's show will be up on Sunday and not Wednesday. But you can still enjoy ALL of the shows here at our blog.

We're well over 3000 downloads now - all thanks to you! Thank you and continue to spread the word about The Stuart Bedasso Show!


Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Show - Laser Tag Porn

Download the Show

This week's show was recorded in Portland, Oregon.  Our special guest was multimedia adventurer, Tanner Parsons (also Dave's Brother-in-Law).  The guys went to play laser tag tonight and an 80's porn almost broke out.  They may have been a cheesy mustache away.  Dave talked about his encounter with a so-called left-wing talk show...they actually called him a murderer...hypocrites. Dave and Tanner talked about education - the actual day-to-day stuff.  Then we talked about Tanner's book, Mr. Parson's Presents All The Three Letter Words and Tanner's upcoming movie, Film, The Movie.


Kalu James - Austin Bound
Sheedyfrost - I Will Be With You
BusBoys - Must Be Saturday Night
Swamp Candy - Rosie
The Naturals - Think That I

Thursday, July 12, 2007

New Show - Long Live the Cockfights!

Download the Show

Today's word is fear.  AM radio does nothing but try to scare you to death with their commercials and PSA's, so we thought we would help them out a bit with our own.  Long live cockfighting - and one of us seems to be a bit more literal than the rest.  Some guy with no life protested his favorite team losing all the time.  Dave is OK with Michael Moore - for now.  We went back in time to read an essay written by Michael in 11th grade.

Music (the all-Rochester show):

The Lobster Quadrille - Tailypo demo
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad - Burkima Faso
The Capitals - Popstar
The Deborah Magone Band - One Love
Walt Atkison - Ra Cha Cha
Wild Geese - Back to the Boozer

Thursday, July 5, 2007

New Show - Live from The Sports Page

{Note to self:  If you're going to record the show at a bar, edit & upload the show before you start drinking}

Download the Show

A first for The Stuart Bedasso Show. We recorded at The Sports Page, a bar in Rochester, NY. We thought about getting some of the patrons on the show, but a hungover Erick was way more entertaining. Dave wants to set his stuff on fire every time something goes wrong - like Scott Proctor. And a quick note - nuclear energy is not renewable or safe. It's not an appropriate replacement for fossil fuels. Eating contests befuddle us. And Dave's not as old as he's been feeling.

OK's time to get off our collective butts. This whole Bush administration thing has gotten out of hand. You must call your Representative and tell him or her to start working on Articles of Impeachment for both Bush and Cheney. It cannot wait until they get out of office in 2009. No more waiting make the call and they get it going. Top left corner is a place to put your zip code in to find your representative. They're on vacation so call their local office. Do it NOW.


Precious Bryant - Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
Kill Henry Sugar - Puerto Rican Day Parade
PlasmaGora - The Pauper
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Riddles
The Dollyrats - Because I'm Awesome
The Vacancies - Below Merlot

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Be on TSBS Tomorrow at Noon!

What are you doing Independence Day, day? Just as we thought - nothing.

Well Rochestarians, here's your chance to experience The Stuart Bedasso Show LIVE!

We're taping this week's show at The Sports Page, Wednesday, July 4th at noon. The Sports Page is at 499 Monroe Avenue, next to Country Sweet. Stop by & say Hi.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

New Show - The Nigerian Nightmare

Download the Show

As Stuart sits in a Pennsylvania jail, we tackle the real issues: Nigerian Masturbation. (Wow, they pulled the article from the web already) To do this we introduce our newest buddy: Jack Puentes of the Organization of Nigerians Against Nocturnal Individual Sexual Manipulation We also spanked the alleged immigration problem and talked about...The Secret. Well, it's not a secret anymore.

Our special guest was Jason Nabewaniec of the Green Party. We got a little bit of inside information on the show (more off-air) on what's happening with the next Green Presidential candidate. Check it out.

Kill Henry Sugar - Tammany Hall
Shannon McNally - The Worst Part of a Broken Heart
Loudon Wainwright III - Good Ship Venus
The Morning Stars - Steal My Love
Too Much Joy - King of Beers

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Show - Dave Got Flapjacked!

Download the Show

Keziah's gone walk-about leaving the guys to do the show. If she's going to do the show from Maryland she's going to have to change the way she smells. Dave's getting ready for Hawaii by having a garage sale and horror abounds. One guy flapjacked for his stock. Spam rocks in Hawaii and we're pretty sure so did Traci Lords at one point. Michael shows the world just how much he loves his brother - by signing him up for more internet spam than one person can handle.

Thought - Nobody
Extra Action Marching Band - Fat Sexy Guy Dance
Golem - Stick It!
Domenicer - Pornstar Like Traci Lords
Robert Cray - I'd Rather Be A Wino

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

New Show - Third Wave Feminism

Download the Show

Every day is Cheese Day in Monroe. Don't believe us? Listen to the show. You'll also catch our take on Third Wave Feminism, recap of creepy guys hitting on Keziah at the Peechy Neachys show and we know the Department of Justice is watching us. Mike mooned them, but it didn't show up on the audio. Keziah has a special Happy Birthday message for Dave's Mom. Don't miss it.

Rudy Burkhalter - Cheese Day in Monroe
The Morning Stars - All Coming Down
Wonderlick - When She Took Off Her Shirt
Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra - Hit It
Colin Hay - Are You Looking at Me

Bye-bye, Boo.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

New Show - Lucifer Curling

Download the Show

It's the return of Papi! No, not David Ortiz. Michael Rodriquez! As he flirted with Keziah (I think he knows she's gay), we wished a Happy Birthday to Gay Lover Brad. And as his birthday is 6/6/66, he is the Spawn of Satan and will open the earth and swallow us all. Good times. And the sport of curling is the official sport of Lucifer. Go figure. We talked a little porn, a little copyright law and Dave's stalking Vin Scelsa. And there's 2 bonus seconds of show!

And we only have one more show to tell you - meet the crew of The Stuart Bedasso Show this Saturday, June 9th at The Bug Jar in Rochester at the corners of Monroe and South Union. Ehhhhh, we should be there by 10pm. We'll be there for the comeback show of our pals, The Pietchze Nietchees. See you there.

Sheedyfrost - Here's To You
Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra - Girl From The Renaissance Faire
Peachy Neachys - So Cool
Whitee - Stumpy The Ho

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

New Show - Long Live Cindy Sheehan!

Download the Show

Our dedication to Cindy Sheehan. F-The Man! We finally get to honoring our mothers - Fool. Though Keziah's honoring isn't something you'd find on a Hallmark card. You can get a FREE Whitee CD - listen up and find out how. There's some big changes coming with the show - we're not sure what they are, but we'll find out soon enough.

You can still vote for us to get a shot at a show on public radio. Go to and get us in!

Peechie Neechies - Fuck the Man
Fishbone - Jack Ass Brigade
The Capitals - Closer
Mr. T - Treat Your Mother Right
Whitee - Sexmom

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

New Show - Shampoo Gives You Manboobs!

Dowload the Show

Shampoo gives you manboobs! It could be Johnny Vagina's Kryptonite. Keziah calls the Medical Psychic Hotline...her poor pancreas. Hillary, Hillary, Hillary. You're lame and so are the rest of the Democrats. Go third party or stay home, folks.

Don't forget to vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show to get us a crack at a show on National Public Radio. Go to

Extra Action Marching Band - Mangina
Lovechild - Headlights
Fishbone - Party With Saddam
Jill Sobule - Hot in Here
Camera Obscura - Lloyd, I'm Ready to be Heartbroken
Too Much Joy - Take a Lot of Drugs

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Show - Bondage In A Box

Download the Show Here

Last week...chaos. This OK...well, at least no chaos. We celebrated our 1000th download, and talked about our upcoming public appearances. Ding, Dong, Jerry Falwell's Dead. Crazy, gay-hating Italians and how Salman Rushdie fights for their right to party. Not ready for AA yet? Then how about some flask sandals! Buy Bondage-in-a-Box...from the makers of Mouthwhore-in-a-Drawer.

Musical Selections:
Dred Zepplin - I Can't Quit You Baby
Jodelle - All Save One
Sloan - Everybody Wants You
Eric Schwartz - Clinton Got A Blowjob
Pietzsche Neatchy - Georgia Guidestones

Go and vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show to get a pilot on National Public Radio! Vote for them at Rush, darling, rush!

Friday, May 11, 2007

New Show - Used Panties

Download the show

Not much political about this show! Keziah's brother, Caleb joins the show and chaos ensues...which is pretty much normal. Erick was talking to Zelda Cocktostensen and now she's gone. What happened? Find out on The Stuart Bedasso Show (hint: we don't think she's laying in a ditch with a blind bird). We may be going to hell, but the guy who found our show looking for used panties is going first. Save us a seat, Dude! Joining Panty-Arab-Boy on the bus to hell are all the skanks who signed the petition to keep the Queen Skank out of the hole. And the Maestro played:

The Its - Girls Kick Ass
Whitee - She Called Me Buddy
The Bastard Fairies - We're All Going to Hell (get it?)
Jenn Wertz - Shotgun
Dred Zepplin - Heartbreaker

HOLY CRUD!!! Go and vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show to get a pilot on National Public Radio! Vote for them at Go! Now! What are you waiting for??!!?!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Get the Stuart Bedasso Show on Public Radio! Vote Now!

Get The Stuart Bedasso Show on National Public Radio!

There’s an American Idol-like contest to get people the opportunity to have their own show on public radio. Right now they only accept individuals in the contest so Dave is going on as the banner-carrier to get The Stuart Bedasso Show the chance to be on the public airwaves and we need your help!

Vote for Dave & The Stuart Bedasso Show at Do a search for The Stuart Bedasso Show! Then check out and find out when the next round of voting is!

Hurry! Time is running out to get The Stuart Bedasso Show onto Round 2!


Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Who's Got Issues? We Got Issues!

Hey Stuart Bedasso Fans!

Sometimes life happens...well, it's happened. We normally tape the show and post it on Wednesday nights...and we can't tonight. We will be taping a new show and posting it on Friday night for everyone to savor. So stay tuned.

But if you're hankering for some Stuart Bedasso you can always download some or all of our previous shows at

And if things work out right, we should have a special fantabulous announcement on Friday!

Keziah, Erick & Dave

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

New Show - Foxy GILF's

Download the Show

Dave and Erick bring you music, courtesy of MySpace! Yep, MySpace. A
few bands that have contacted the show that wanted their music on our
show and we delivered. We also talked about the Democrats' debate from
last week, sexy 60-year-olds and why Dave has trouble listening to
Rush. Samuel L. Jackson could come looking for Erick and Dave tells a
story about the worst movie ever made.

Music on this week's show:
CinWaves - Philo Beddoe's Dream
Simple Mission - See It Now
Rizorkestra - High On The Mountain
The Moaners - Foxy Brown
AJ Croce - I'm With You

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Show - What Is Flapjacking?

Download the show.

The evilness known as I-tunes, Keziah goes to a pro-choice rally...and gets the finger, what the heck is Flapjacking and why was that guy doing it on a baseball field, Dave's Ghetto Badge gets revoked and used panties = internet wampum.

The crew of The Stuart Bedasso Show will be at The Keg, 315 Gregory Street in Rochester on Saturday, May 12th to help celebrate the return of our friends Pietzsche Neatchy and their new CD. If you want to see what shirts Keziah, Erick and Dave will be wearing, go here. Heck, you can even get your own!

Music for this week:

Sloan - Who Taught You to Live Like That
The Moaners - I Think I Love You
Pietzsche Neatchy - Blank
Moby and Public Enemy - Make Love Fuck War

UPDATE: We were just informed that the Pietzsche Neatchy gig will be moved to Saturday, June 9th at the Bug Jar. All other the other things still apply...we'll be there wearing our stylish shirts (which you can get at, and fun will be have by all.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Show - We've Got Your Tax Returns Right Here

Download the show.

Part II of Brian's Visit...Dave's Dad makes a triumphant return to the show before he heads off to balmy Arizona. TSBS may be the only show that doesn't talk about the Virginia Tech incident. We thought you could use a break. We do talk about how much stuff we all have and how happy it makes us. The article Dave refers to can be found here. Keziah looks like the chick from Work Out while Dave looks like some guy who works at a gas station. Want a new way to get an extension for your tax returns? Listen up, but you better drink a lot of beer first. Then there's music!

Gaucho Gil - The Ballad of Gaucho Gil
Eleni Mandell - Say Goodbye
Jerry Gibbens - Burn it Down
The Moaners - Shrew (accoustic)
Colin Hay - What Would Bob Do?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Show - We Got 'dem Nappy Hoes

Download the show here.

Nappy Hoes, Nappy Hoes, everyone's talking about those Nappy Hoes. We do, too. And we have a special guest - Brian, aka Dave's Dad! We talked about the dry humpfest called the Shakira/Beyonce video. There's nothing like porn at the gym. And what is the deal with VH1? Now they're comparing guy-celebrity packages?!!? And there's exclusive music that you're not going to hear anywhere else from Colin Hay!

Colin Hay - This Time I Got You
Josh Weinstein - Scared White Men
Gaucho Gil - Holiday Inn
Golem - The Rent
Bryan Ferry - The Cruel Ship's Captain

Call your Representatives! Get funding for the Iraqi invasion stopped!
Your Senators
Your Congressperson

Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Show - How to Get Chicks

UPDATE: Holy Crud! No one told us that we forgot the link to the show!!!
Download the show here!

A day late, but not a dollar short. Dave sucked it up and despite illness, the gang turned in a stellar performance. The Fonz does sex ed, New Paltz Mayor, Jason West, shows us how it's done. We also touch upon the hypocrisy of our elected officials. We warned you and now they're here - new "bits" exclusive to TSBS! As a public service, Keziah explains what a guy really needs to do to get and keep a woman...and it's not pretty.

Marc Maron - Political Action
Jodelle - Rabbit Cage
Colin Hay - Just Don't Believe You Any More
Michelle Hotaling - You Shoulda
Abi Tapia - The Way to My Heart

We'll keep telling your "representatives" and tell them to do whatever it takes to bring our troops home.

Your Senators
Your Congressperson

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Day Late

Sorry kids...due to illness, this week's show will get on a day late. Check back Thursday night. Piece out.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

New Show - We Love You, Philipina

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A lot of "issues" came up this week. Keziah had jury duty and drunk e-mailed someone's difficult for her to say she likes someone so Erick and Dave helped her out. Tony Snow's cancer is back. That's bad. But what's worse for Dave is that his replacement is a hottie. Another hottie who lies to him. Did you know you can legally hit anyone with a postal truck? Dave's creepy so it makes sense that he guilted Keziah into going out with the guys this weekend rather than picking up straight girls in bars. Oh Philipina, we all love you! I mean, like you. We also played amazing stand-up from Marc Maron. Those dicks at Air America should never be forgiven for canceling Morning Sedition.

Music by:
Gaucho Gil - The War is Going Well
Southpaw Jones - Protest Song
Jill Sobule - Under the Disco Ball
Wonderlick - We Run the World (mix 2)
Marc Maron - Lower Your Expectations and Getting High Without Drugs

Holy Crap! The bill rumbling through our government for a timetable to bring the troops home isn't binding! Call your representative today!!!

Your Senators
Your Representative

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

New Show - Bratz are Whores!

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Erick, Michael, Keziah and Dave all in the house tonight. Keziah had a run-in with a bill collector - Dave accidentally turned it into a racial/species matter. Watch out for Indian Ducks! The Bush family can't dance, but neither can most of our crew. If you've never seen Pants Off Dance Off, get ready for an interesting explanation. Fat Chicks on the Food Channel raise Dave's cholesterol and Keziah called Michael's cute grandaughter a whore and Bratz are to blame!


Will Hoge - The Man Who Killed Love
Public Enemy - Revolution
The Deborah Magone Band - One World
Gregory Paul - It Takes One to Know One

Stop the funding of war and bring our troops home! Call your representatives:

Your Senators
Your Congressperson

Don't forget...Stuart Bedasso and Johnny Vagina gear and Keziah wants you to be our Myspace Buddy.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

New Show - Dry Drag Show

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All this vagina talk is turning into a theme. This week featured a discussion about Dave's new "I (heart) female orgasms" shirt and how it went over at the Vagina Monologues as well as the dry Drag Show, which Dave and Keziah attended. There's nothing sadder than a Drag Show without alcohol, except being "the old guy in the club" without alcohol and at a drag show. Erick's sad attempt at a geography lesson shows us all that reading is fundamental. We also continued the discussion about going into a voting booth without an open mind. And there was music...

Kalu James - The Way I Feel
AJ Croce - Time Will Tell
Robert Cray - Fantasized
The Affections - Green Eggs and Ham
Lil Markie - Diary of an Unborn Child
Bakra Bata - I Shall Be Released

We're still at your representatives to tell them to stop funding the war in Iraq.  It is the ONLY way to stop the insanity!
Your Senators
Your Representative

Don't forget...Stuart Bedasso and Johnny Vagina gear and Keziah wants you to be our Myspace Buddy.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

New Show - I Love Female Orgasms

Download the show.

Part two of the Vagina Show. More interviews with local folks involved with the Vagina Monologues. A little talk about Ethnicity. Erick Rodriguez came out of the closet as a German and Dave professed his love for hot chicks with accordions. After you listen to Golem, you will, too. We decided that V-Day should become a national holiday...get your greeting cards! More V-Day interviews! I love female orgasms, you love female orgasms, we all love female orgasms! Find out how you can show it on this week's show.

We played:
Josh Weinstein - Stuck in the Tall Grass
Golem - Mazel
Fishbone - One Planet People
Golem - Golem Hora
The Aquanettas - Love With the Proper Stranger

Have you called your Representatives yet? Tell them to stop funding the war in Iraq!
Your Senators
Your Congressperson

Get your Johnny Vagina & Stuart Bedasso Gear!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's Johnny Vagina!

Download the show.

A show of firsts!  The first "live" appearance of Michael Rodriguez, the first taped interview played on the show and the first time the Bedasso crew gets sophmoric...we knew it had to come sometime.  Turns out Keziah is Anna Nicole Smith's baby daddy.  Also, Dave's real name is Johnny Vagina.  We talked about upcoming productions of the Vagina Monologues  - Dave is volunteering and Keziah has a "beef" with Eve Ensler.  Because we're all so simple-minded...Eve Ensler turned into a discussion about the possibility of Eva Mendes being gay, then our own "who would you do" session.  And beware of the dreaded Snickers Roofie!  Oh right, there was actually music played as well:

Walt Atkison - Cadillac Hotel   
Deborah Magone - Cookin 
Whitee - Tin of Love 

Don't forget to contact your representatives to tell them to stop the funding for the war in Iraq!
Your Senators 
Your Congressperson 

Tell your friends about The Stuart Bedasso Show!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day Massacre - February 14th Show

Download the show

And then there were two...due to the horrible weather up here in the Northeast, Stuart and Keziah ended up stuck in a car on the Irondequoit Bay Bridge. A team of sled dogs and Girl Scouts dug them out and their both fine, but they missed the show. So Erick and Dave muddled through. They kept on showing how lame the presidential candidates are, discussed the Dixie Chicks and had a special Valentine’s Day message for all you lovers out there. Listen to the show with someone you love – even if it’s just yourself. (yes, that was a masturbation joke) This show was also part one of a Local Music theme...six songs from Rochester, NY based bands.

The Capitals – Falling Apart (a Stuart Bedasso Show exclusive!)
The Lobster Quadrille – Cora Livinia’s Consumption
Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad – Incoginito
The Wild Geese – Broad Black Brimmer
The Hayseeds – Fuck the Man (live) [it’s the Pietzsche Nietzches – same difference]
Rhythm Six – Siempre Seras Mia

Call your Representatives! Get funding for the Iraqi invasion stopped!
Your Senators
Your Congressperson


Thursday, February 8, 2007

Candy, The Gay Conspiracy

Download The Show

Just when you thought we couldn't play fewer songs...we only got to three of them. Quality over quantity! We showed what a redneck Joe Biden is and what a warmonger Hillary Clinton is. Keziah revealed the gay conspiracy that is the candy bar. She also talked about her cult-upringing and how she got to paint naked ladies last week. Dave showed how you can stop this madness in Iraq - this is serious, we give you a live example of how to do it. Here are the links that will get you to your representatives:

US Senate
House of Representatives

Call your representatives and get funding for the Iraqi invasion stopped!

Here are the links to our musical guests:
Jill Sobule - Underdog Victorious
Public Enemy - Air Conditioning
Abi Tapia - Cried Wolf

Oh yeah, and here's that Snickers Commercial.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

We're Now On iTunes

OK Kids,

It took a few days, but we're finally listed on iTunes. Open iTunes on your computer and do a quick search for The Stuart Bedasso Show. Or you can click the badge on the left column. So if you subcribe to podcasts via the big bad apple, go to town.

We should be on Yahoo's new podcast listing soon as well as a bunch of other podcast directories. You can also vote &/or review The Stuart Bedasso Show...more links on the left. And we should have some pictures of Stuart & the crew up in a few days.

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Keziah The Pirate Nanny

Our first show. It went pretty smoothly. We're having a little trouble with Erick's microphone, but we had a good time and you will too. We talked a little about the hype over Hillary & Obama, pirates, Erick's first love, being a nanny and dwarves.

Download the show.

Links to music we played:
Baby Gramps - Cape Cod Girls
Milton - Waiting for You
Wally Pleasant - The Day Ted Nugent Killed All the Animals
Bus Boys - Minimum Wage

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Musicians: Want your music played on TSBS?

We're always looking for new music to play on The Stuart Bedasso Show. If you have original music that you would like played you can e-mail us at bedasso23 (at) You can e-mail us songs as attatchments or let us know that you'd like to send us music and we'll send you a snail mail address you can send it to.

Here are the conditions:

*Any music you send must be your own, both in performance and in creation. You have no idea what a pain in the booty it is dealing with licensing, RIAA, et al. This is supposed to be fun for us so we're not dealing with those weasels.

*By sending us music, you're saying that you have the rights to it and are giving us permission to play it on our podcast.

*We're not going to play everything we get - if it's not our kinda music, no hard feelings, but we'd rather not play it. That being said, we have pretty diverse tastes so there's a pretty good chance it'll get some kinda play.

*If you haven't heard the show, we talk a lot, so we only get to 4 or so songs a week. Be patient. If we like the music we will get to it. We'll send you an e-mail letting you know it's being played.

UPDATE: This may sound like we're being a pain in the ass, but we added the following after getting e-mailed mp3's...

*Please have your mp3's labeled/named. Downloading a file called "Track 1" is a pain. If you don't know what ID3 tags are, find will help you get your music played on the internet. I've been on both sides of the music exchange thing...make it as easy for the radio/podcast person as possible.

*At a minimum, mp3's need to be at 128kbps. We prefer it to be even higher. The mp3's are compressed and the podcast is compressed. We like our show to sound somewhat decent. If it means a separate e-mail per song, that's not a problem.


Monday, January 22, 2007

The Stuart Bedasso Show FAQ

1. Who the hell are these cats?

Michael & Erick are brothers, so they’ve known each other most of their lives. Dave became friends with Michael in high school. In high school, they figured out that they were in the same kindergarden class together but neither one remembers the other. The three guys have played baseball together for many, long, pathetic years. Keziah met Dave through the local Green Party. Now, the four are good drinking buddies.

2. Why did they start a podcast?

Dave started doing tapes for people back in college. Michael (and others) provided vocal talent for the bits Dave wrote. In college, Dave worked at the campus radio station for 7 years (he was on the seven-year-plan). He thought about going pro, but realized what a lame industry commercial radio is. Time went on…bad rap albums and a frustrated teaching career ensued. Finally, when technology caught up, the idea of a podcast washed over Dave like the warm feeling a wino feels when he wets himself.

3. Where is the show taped?

Dave’s apartment. It’s where the equipment is.

4. Who decides on the topics that are discussed?

Dave has an ongoing list of stuff he can pull out of his ass at any given moment, but the gang tends to go with whatever is on their minds at any given time. No topic is taboo, but Dave loathes to talk about how he doesn’t get laid – it makes him sad & listless.

5. Who decides what music to play?

The Stuart Bedasso Show is non-commercial. To play most commercial music, we’d have to pay for licensing to 4 different agencies, costing us at least a couple thousand dollars a year. That ain’t happening. They’ve been looking at independent and lesser-known commercial artists and asking them directly for permission to play their music. Most have been great about it. All 4 cats can play what they want, but permission from the artist has to be gotten first. So there goes that Stairway to Heaven marathon Erick keeps asking for.

6. If there’s four of you on the show – how come most weeks there’s only 3 voices?

Michael tends to be busy on nights we tape – he has a life. So he comes over to Dave’s place at different times and cuts a lot of the "commercials" you hear on the show.

7. Jeez, who writes that crap, anyway?

Mostly Dave. We also use some old ones from the early Tape days.

8. When will Stuart Bedasso be back on the show?

Next week. We promise.