Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Secret Mind of Dana Countryman

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We are back!  After a hiatus due to Dave's sticking it to the man, we are back with great and weird music, stories and more.  Dave get's arrested while Melyssa is off to fancy galas.  Rich people giving away money is weird.  Dave going to a mall to look at colleges is weird.  Dave and Melyssa in the liner notes of Dana Countryman's new album isn't weird, it's rad!  Dig it!

Slug Dick Nick - In The Bilges
Jane Birkin - Just Me And You
Dana Countryman - And Suddenly, Love Just Happened
Sloan - 13 (Under A Bad Sign)
Lucinda Williams - Stand Right By Each Other
Lazy Lester - I'm A Lover Not A Fighter

Monday, September 8, 2014

Judas Priest, God Damn

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Our old friend Harold Copp is back in town fresh from a year in Utah.  We get to hear all about the trials and tribulations of a New Yorker in the land of the Mormons.  Culture shock doesn't start to explain it.  Dave's daughter has been getting attention of the creepy kind.  Guys, stop being creepy - to everyone.  Rochester Free Radio is being held up, by Judas Priest.  You have to hear the story.

Robyn Hitchcock - To Turn You On
Vox Pop - Become A Pagan
Deborah Magone - Black On Blue
David Rovics - His Hands Were In The Air
The Dollyrots - Punk Rock Girls
David Puls - Super PAC's, How Dumb Do You Think We Are?