Sunday, February 21, 2010

New Show - The Lovely Anna

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The lovely and talented Anna Cerullo joins us this week and Melyssa just can't stop hitting on her. It's a crying shame really. It made Dave very uncomfortable. (Dave paid me to say that) Dave's having trouble with his drawers, we comment on losers such as the IRS plane guy, everyone who reports on and cares about Tiger Woods and potential Chuck Schumer opponents...including Dave. A very good show that will tickle more than just your funnybone.

Ajay Lowery - Cut The Thevin Hands Off The IRS
Curt Yagi - When I Think of You
Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings - I Learned The Hard Way
Vellarest - Ovaltine
Scarlet Stoic - Until They Know
Ratchet - More

NOTE: Curt Yagi's Nonprofit is at

Sunday, February 14, 2010

New Show - The Book of Solomon

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Just another typical Stuart Bedasso Valentine's show. Blasphemy, chocolate vaginas, and live music. You can't think about romance without thinking Stuart Bedasso. Solomon Blaylock from The Lobster Quadrille joins us for a rollicking good time. We talk religion, music and more over a few beers. And get this - there's an amzaing offer to get a free Lobster Quadrille t-shirt at the end of the show. Who's your daddy, now? But wait, there's more! If you act now, we'll thrown in a bonus 13 minutes of show - FREE!


Gil Scott Heron - Me And The Devil
The Devotions - The Devil's Gotten Into My Baby
Vanity Blvd - Sweet Saturday Night
Solomon Blaylock - The Unexamined Life (LIVE!)
Nichelle "Uhuru" Nichols - You'd Better Love Me
Bob Harrington - Holy Happy Hour
 Mojo Nixon - Christians, I Hate Em

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Show - Genny Bock & Dumb Dems

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We're back with more beer, featuring Bryan Clutz from Keglines. This week we bust out the Genny Bock, a local favorite that's only available for a limited time. Bryan scores us one bottle of Red Stripe Light - not available in the US yet. Don't tell Homeland Security. Hey Dems, you may be creaming your jeans over Obama's showing up Repubs, but remember, it's all talk so far. He still hasn't done anything progressive yet. An update on Dave's Junk. He's not going to need a fluffer, he's going to need a pit crew.


The Village Soul Choir - Rubber Duckie
Redneck Girlfriend - Live Nude Girls
Mare Edstrom - Rollin and Tumblin - Got Mud In My Soul
The Paperbacks - Slow Learners