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Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Show - Sassy Lesbian Waitress

Kiss Her Grits!
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Sure, they're getting older, but Melyssa and Dave know how to bring it.  Shopping and gardening is what all the cool kids are doing and we've got a ton of it.  We're getting ready to bring our Grow Boxes out for a spin.  That's right, fucking tomatoes!  Dave's getting arrested again and a sense of ennui falls upon him.  Melyssa takes Ithaca by storm. And why do so many people want to be Mayor of Rochester?  There must be a hell of a parking spot that comes with the gig.

Al Haig - It's The Talk Of The Town
The Doughoys - Twelve Bars And I Still Have The Blues
Neneh Cherry - Cynical
Jumoke Fashola - The Girl You Can't Forget
The Heptones - Repatriation Is A Must

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