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Sunday, December 29, 2013

New Show - Dave Wants A Gun

Download the Show Here:

A great show as Dave and Melyssa are back on the Skype talking with Dana Countryman.  A long time musician, Dana was also the publisher of the super cool, Cool And Strange Music magazine.  Dana has a new CD out and it's all over the internets.  We talk about music, radio and more in this great interview.  There's Cool and Strange music on the show and Dave even takes a moment to namedrop Michael McCartney like he actually knows the guy.  Oh, and Dave wants a gun.  A high-powered rifle actually.  But it's only to protect his airspace.  Listen!

Zespół Instrumentalny Marka Sewena - When Allah Came
Dana Countryman - Thrill Me
Dana Countryman - Throw My Heart In The Garbage Can
The Madd - I Saw ABBA

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