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Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Show - The Stink of Patchouli

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The lovely and talented Juliette is back for part 2 of our yoga extravaganza!  We talk a little aromatherapy, though in Dave's house, that doesn't work out very well.  We also get into the sexy - lingerie.  Is it worth it or is it better off on your bedroom floor?  People are freaking about Dave's name change. Melyssa's having a pop up art party. No, it's not about pop-up books.  It's an Artists' revolt.  What are YOU reading these days?

Caro Emerald - Liquid Lunch
Gregory Porter - Liquit Spirit
Roy Loney And The Longshots - Grapey Wine
Micky And Ludella - She's Drunk

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