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Sunday, July 28, 2013

New Show - More Beer for Dave

Download the Show Here:

It started as a show of no-shows, but Melyssa, Dan and Dave save the day!  Stu Brew and the Royal Wedding is coming.  Do you have your ticket? Dave makes a scene in a courtroom.  It's Pride Week and the festivities do not go without incident...incidents. Let's just face it, if you're not white, straight, and living in the suburbs, Maggie Brooks really has no use for you.  Get off her lawn! and sign the Benny Warr Petition!

The Coppers - Alcapulco, Dos De La Tarde
Edwyn Collins - In The Now
Andy Kaufman - Andy And His Grandmother
Bo Diddley - Bo's A Lumberjack
Dr. Izzy Band - Passion's Not A Crime
Paris Combo - Les Cailloux Blancs

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