Sunday, June 30, 2013

New Show - My Hemp Suit

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Dave when he was a model

The gang is all one!  The return of Shirtless Gerry, this time he's got a shirt, but no beard!  Melyssa, Gerry and Dave all bump into the Ex'es.  An old friend reappears.  Dave is working on another batch of Stu Brew and there's already a casualty.  Wedding invitations have gone out and petitioning for Green Rochester has begun. We may advocate for a certain group to change its name to the League of Stupid Voters.

Tom Wilson - Gay Name Game
Ralph Alessi and Fred Hersch - Floating Head Syndrome
Vic Sadot - Full Spectrum Dominance
Frank Turner - We Shall Not Overcome

Sunday, June 16, 2013

New Show - Big Leg Woman

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Melyssa and Dave hold down the fort.  Melyssa gets her boy back, membership at a credit union and new punk friends.  A stellar week!  Dave has a boring week fighting the man.  Donald Trump gets seriously schooled.  Seriously.  And Green Rochester chugs along.  All aboard!

Barry Cuda and The Sharks - Big Leg Gal
Leadbelly - Big Fat Woman
Gitlo Lee - I Love A Big Woman
The Cyrkle - Big, Little Woman
Black Joe Lewis and The Honeybears - Big Booty Woman

Sunday, June 9, 2013

New Show - Crack Cream

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Injuries all around!  Sean has a bad elbow, Melyssa has a bad back and Dave has the funky toe.  Next week, we'll be podcasting from the old podcasters home.  Dave gives a campaign update with an interesting fundraising idea.  We talk about urban farms yet again - but we're digging them.  There are band names.  And of course it wouldn't be The Stuart Bedasso Show if we didn't talk about masturbation.  Again.

Hollywood Sinners - Have You Ever Been In Jail
Alfredo Gutierrez Y Sus Acordeones Dorades - Cumbia Sampuesana
The GTO's - Don't Fool With Fu Manchu
Bill Nettles - High Falutin' Mama
Mighty Sparrow - Kennedy And Kruschev
Little Willie John - Let's Rock While The Rockin Is Good

Sunday, June 2, 2013

New Show - Douchey Gopher

Green RochesterDownload the Show Here:

Four out of Five podcast listeners agree - a hungover Sean is better than no Sean.  Sean is back!  This week we run the gamut - happy and sad.  Sean goes on a naked bachelor party extravaganza.  Green Rochester is taking off.  Join the fun!  We all agree, The Great Harvest Bread Company blows dead donkeys.  Don't go there.  Dave can't save everyone.  He just can't.  Special shoutout to Mark Williams.  Where are you, Mark?

Duke Robillard Band - Stapled To The Chicken's Back
La Femme - Welcome America
Dr. Nico and Orchestre African Fiesta - Rumeme Mama
Pokey LaFarge - Let's Get Lost
Thomas Mapfumo and The Blacks Unlimited - Ndine Chete