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Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Show - Vinnie Paulino Is Not Funny

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Stuart read the following tweet from a local guy who claims to be funny:
#FYI if you are a cashier that has a withered hand please do not use it to give me my change #handicapable

The asshat responsible for this is Vinnie Paulino.  He thinks he is funny, but really he's just afraid of people with disabilities.  Go read some of his other tweets @vinniepaulino.  So Stuart decided to have Dave use the Fifth Anniversary of TSBS to teach Vinnie Paulino just exactly what funny is.  This show is a retrospective of some of the best comedy bits of the show over the last five years.  Vinnie Paulino, you're not funny.  The Stuart Bedasso Show is funny.

Benny Bell - Shaving Cream
Storm Large - 8 Miles Wide


Vinnie Paulino said...

Dear Stuart

1. I concede that my joke was in poor taste, I even publicly did this last Wednesday days before your show came out...

2. You have every right to say what you want about me, same way I have the right to make a joke about a withered hand

but here is the thing... I don't know you...I have never heard of your show, from what I gather it seems to be a bit like a tree falling in the woods...it happens, just no one hears it(I say that because I have not gotten one piece of correspondence from anyone who listens to your show, infact only1 person shared it) Since I don't know you or your friend Dave its seems to be a little strange that you guys would spend an hour trying to teach me to be funny. Have we met somewhere? Have you ever been to one of my shows? Calling me not funny does not bother me, I have been called it before and I am sure this wont be the last time. What bothers me are SELF RIGHTEOUS people like you, I don't answer to you Stu...and frankly you don't have any authority to judge comedy past your own taste. The only thing you have is your opinion, which again you are entitled to...so I get why you are angry, but it was joke that was not directed at one person in particular...get over it man, don't try to be the funny police your not qualified


Vinnie Paulino

PS I guess the old saying is true...those who cant do teach...

Sarah said...


Facebook inc said...

I also think that he does not have humor. Instead of watching a bland person make a laugh, we can watch a funny ringtone.