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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Sex Toy Review - Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Lube

A few months ago, Dave asked me to try Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Lube.  As regular listeners of The Stuart Bedasso Show know, I generally do not need any lubrication (especially when Dave is around), but I figured I'd give it a try.

I have used SSSP both alone and with Dave, and in my opinion, I like it more when using it by myself during masturbation.  I enjoy the fact that this lubricant has a pleasant scent. ..but not sure that it had any effect on how well the product performed.
I applied a few drops to my clitoris and began to massage the lubricant into skin around and inside my vagina.  I liked the product in the fact that I was able to reach orgasm before the product became sticky, but thought that my vaginal secretions can do a better job.  For the woman that is not as fortunate as me, this would be a nice product to use during masturbation.
I also tried this product with Dave during sex…or before it.  I applied the lubricant as I had before and began to massage the product, Dave states that the product smelled good, but did not taste anything.  Not sure if the intent of the manufacturer was to have a partner taste the lubricant, but it was not and that was OK for Dave.  I did notice that when Dave was massaging me, the product seemed to get sticky.  This was really the only part I did not enjoy.  I don’t like to be sticky…especially during sex.

So to sum up:  If you're alone, go to town with the Sliquid Swirl Strawberry Pomegranate Lube, girlfriend.  With someone else?  Meh.                   - Eve

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