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Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Show - Restaurant Staff After Hours

Download the Show Here:

Ed's got a new job, so we get to hear all about those steamy, behind-the-scene moments at your favorite restaurant. Dave tries to find a solution to his latest sexual problem - with no help from the crew. Mothers hide your sons...and daughters...and cousins...and mail carriers. Melyssa's on the loose! Eddie Izzard is our hero, but he bombs on the Tom Tom. Stay away!


1 comment:

Jayce from Rochester said...

From your one listener (or the other one, maybe) ...

I cringe at Ed's modem imitation: he went straight for 14.4K. 2400 was just a high "answer" tone and a low "originate" tone, then connect. 14.4K added the hisses and screeching, then 57.6K added the "balarn Balarn BALARN" stuff.

Anyway, I really wanted to comment on the "Vagina Grill" restaurant name. In Boston, there's a restaurant called "5 Napkin Burger" which I immediately renamed "Menstruation Burger", much to the consternation of my driving companions at the time.


P.S. Sorry to hear about you and Gerry, Melissa. I saw Gerry and he said something the other day that tipped me off but I didn't ask for clarification. I hope it's going okay (if not better) for the both of you.