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Monday, July 5, 2010

New Show - Colleen's Sexy Yoga

Download The Show Here:

This week we do the show from the home of St. Fortune Productions in Rochester, NY. We podcasted during their First Friday Rummage Sale, which included some noisy improv in the background. But some great special guests join us including our host Dan. Our old friend Gina isn't too high on Dave's junk (which Jenna brought up, by the way). The lovely and talented Colleen brings us description of some sexy yoga - and she's single, boys! Then Juniper sits in an lets us know about the Female Rape Condom. Yeowsa! Great friends, great conversation on this week's show!


Catfight - Syphillis
Seasick Steve - Happy To Have A Job
Mojo Nixon - Burn Down The Malls
Dog Police - Are You Middle Class Enough?

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