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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Female Condom Review

Jenna:  As a sexual health educator I so wanted to love the female condom. A few months ago, I attended an eight hour training on the female condom and was very excited to try them out. A few years ago, I tried out the original FC. When I learned the FC2 had some improvements I was curious to try them out.

The FC2 is much quieter (many complained that they sounded like a plastic bag) and the outer ring is a bit bigger than the FC1 – all great for improving ease of use and effectiveness. Inserting is an interesting task, making sure that it is inserted straight without the little plastic ring inside twisting. I found inserting the female condom far enough back toward the cervix tricky. I used the female condom twice, hoping that practice made perfect, but who am I kidding knowing I’m not going to learn "Dueling Banjos" on my banjo in two separate practice sessions. BUT I digress, comparing female condom use to banjo playing. Lube is number one, when a partner is inserting themselves inside the female condom. If there isn’t enough, it becomes a bit baggy and sticks to your partner’s penis.

But guess what? When I wore the female condom and was on top of my partner, my clit got a little extra attention from the outside ring and in all positions my g-spot was very happy with the extra pressure from the internal plastic ring. Fun!

Final answer: a great option for women and couples as a contraceptive and protector of STIs. Personally, I would only feel comfortable using the female condom with someone I trusted to insert themselves carefully inside the condom and one who was tested.

Dave:  I know…I know.  Maybe the kids who have always been around during the time of AIDS don’t have the reaction to condoms that we geezers have, but lets face it, having sex without a condom is more enjoyable than having sex with one.  But, being the responsible people we all are condoms for the lot of us, it is. 

Then comes the female condom.  I get the empowerment part – the woman can take the responsibility for safe sex, especially when there’s a douchebag guy who refuses to put a helmet on that soldier.  Of course, if he is such a DB, I don’t know how well he’s going to take to the “screw your hatless jimmy, I’m putting a baggie in my box” attitude, but it’s nice to know that it’s there. 

My girlfriend is a sex educator.  She took an 8-hour class on the female condom.  So I was OK with reviewing these bad boys…what the heck, I have a highly-trained professional here even if I was going in without a perfect attitude.  So what do I think?

Meh…they’re OK.  Using a female condom is better than not having sex.  Some are not down with the period sex, but if you use enough lube on your member it could be a good alternative to a regular condom or no sex at all.  But make sure you use the lube, because if not, the FC could become like a big baggie stuck to your cock.  It could happen...uh trust me.  I’ll let Jenna give the female reaction to pleasure, but it definitely did not feel as much like I was in a vagina than I would with even a regular condom.  But again, it’s better than watching TV. 

They are more expensive than regular condoms (and thanks to a lot of non-profits you can find condoms for free in various places), so I would recommend the FC2 for anyone who has a specific reason for them, i.e. taking control of safe sex, period sex, etc.  If you are just looking for something for safe sex, I’d go with the regular condom.

NOTE:  Here is the show with us drinking and reviewing the FC2.

And Here Are Pictures From The Show Where We Drink & Review:

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