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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sex Toy Review - Love Lipstick Vibe

I am not sure I would call myself an aficionado of vibrators, but I've tried my share with a fair amount of success.  In that, I mean that a better than average orgasm would follow the use of the vibrating adult toy.  The Love Lipstick Vibe was most definitely a success story as well.  Hooray for female orgasms!  

The Love Lipstick Vibe is  a pocket sized vibrator that looks like a tube of lipstick.  You take it out of it's velveteen pouch, take off the cap, and the movement of twisting the "lipstick" up is what turn the vibrator on with varying speeds as it's turned.  It's not overly noisy, but it would probably be heard through the bathroom door at your in-law's when you need to sneak away for a "quick one."   All in all, it does the job and will travel indiscreetly.  It would be a great gift for the one who travels, especially if it could involve phone sex as well.  Yes, please.

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