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Friday, January 29, 2010

Book Review: Moregasm

Do you wish you had, or do you have, the best girlfriend in the world that knows all the "sexy stuff" that you don't know? She's that friend that you go to when you need to ask an embarassing sex question that you know she'll know and won't judge you for asking. Because she's probably done it or knows someone who has. MOREGASM Babeland's Guide to Mind-Blowing Sex by Claire Cavanah and Rachel Venning IS that girlfriend. This very informative book on sex, mainly focused on hetero or lesbian couples, is written with such wit and sense of humor that you almost say to yourself "hmmmm...maybe I COULD try fisting," One of my favorite quotes is from the chapter entitled "All Hands on Clit." It reads, "Hands can actually do so much more than dicks or dildos. Did you ever see a penis play the cello? Or a dildo crochet a doily?" The fact that dildo and doily made it into a sentence together makes me feel this book is almost Pulitzer Prize worthy. It's a fun, informational read with lots of illustrations and a cute man with dreads who is mostly naked. All worth a stop on Babeland's website to buy this book. Tell 'em Stuart sent ya!

I'll paraphrase a comment Melyssa made on one of the "lost shows." If you have a woman involved in your sex life, whether you're having sex with one or you are one; whether you're having sex with someone and/or yourself, Moregasm is a good primer on all things morgasmic. The graphic design is appealing, the models are real and the prose is readable. There are jokes but not at the expense of the information. If you listen to our comments on the show, you'll see that both Melyssa and I had the same "ah-ha" moment so even if you think you know it all about the cooch - or your cooch - I'm sure there's something new for you in there.

Remember that this isn't an all-vag tome. The Babelanders also love your booty hole and want you to know all about how it relates to your moregasms. Don't be afraid, they'll talk you through it. And if you want to know what toys you can use to stimulate the female orifice of your choice, there are plenty of Babeland examples for you to peruse, but not in a cheap, catalog way.

I read a comment that every woman who turns 18 should be given Moregasm. I'd be OK if it was given to the guys, too. Get yourself Moregasm and have moregasms.

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