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Monday, December 14, 2009

New Show - The Ravages of Syphillis

Download the Show Here:

Due to extraordinary circumstances, Stuart ends up doing the show all by his lonesome. There's a quick visit from our old pal, Lou Stules as well as a couple of commercials from Dave's old stint at WPUD. And then it's crazy music all the way. Enjoy. Next week: a special, in studio guest. You won't believe your ears.


Mutant Press - Pants On Fire
Calliope Musicals- Baby, We're On Our Way
Los Invasores - Destino: Honolulu
Les Terribles - Sauvages Et Candides
Waipot Pesuwan - Miss Chaa
Spacelords - Lit
The Spinners - Itchin For My Baby But I Don't Know Where To Scratch
Tom Waits - Shiny Things
The Soapbox Project - Something That You Do
Rodger Collins - Foxy Girls In Oakland
Jim Henson - Tick Tock Sick
Jolie Holland - Your Big Hands
Fifth Nation - Fate Is Nothing
William Shatner - The Transformed Man
Larry And The Loafers - Let's Go To The Beach

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