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Saturday, May 23, 2009

What's Happening!

No, not the TV show. We have some cool stuff coming up...

*It looks like Stuart is going to start making actual appearances on the show. Yes, he is in the witness protection program, but we have a way around that. WE'll give it a try on the next show and see how he does.

*It looks like it's time to start bringing on the guests. It seems that we have guests booked up for the next 2 shows. And we're hoping for more.

*We finalized our vision for the sex toy show. Melyssa and Dave have already started to get details finalized, we have a...uh...vendor (?) and we're all stoked. We're trying to set it up at a popular local watering hole so stay tuned.

*Speaking of sex toys, we're also working on setting up a new weekly segment that is sex toy-based. Hopefully we'll have an announcement within the next week. In the meantime - buy some stuff from Babeland!.

*This picture is the result of an evening of drinking.

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