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Friday, March 27, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

My name is Dave. And I'm addicted to reporters. (Hi, Dave!)

Yep...That's my life. I know people who are addicted to 12 step programs, so I know there are a bunch of them and I'm just waiting for the one for people who have crushes on TV reporters.

No, I don't have a crush on Chuck Todd.

He's actually a tool. But I do have a new person whose name I'm not quite ready to reveal. No, it's not Wolf Blitzer...leave me alone! At first I thought she was a gay...which would make sense, as I quite the reputation as a dykehag. (Is that one word, two words or hyphenated?) But alas I found out that she is not a gay, but is married. Though in these modern times means she'll be single and bitter relatively soon. Then I can stalk her more properly, though legally.

And I'm thinking that I'm out in front on this...that I have an "exclusive". And when I find her on the twitter, it turns out she has over 200,000 followers. I don't think you heard me. We're talking 200k. You would need two Rose Bowls to house her twitter followers. You know what this means...

I can woo her. She just needs to know who I am...


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