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Monday, December 22, 2008

New Show - It's Jesus' Birthday, Right?

Download the Show Here:

Jesus Christ! It's an all Jesus show! It's the Stuart Bedasso version of Life of Brian. All our songs "celebrate" the birth of....a fairy tale, I guess. Dave leaves Maui in a couple of days so it's Jill's last official show...she doesn't need us, she has gardening! It's Global Orgasm Day! Jill hasn't celebrated, but Dave? Dave's last day of school was a tear-jerker. Hey fatties, check out Bow Chicka Workout at your local YMCA! We're looking for volunteers to start Stuart Bedasso and Whitee Wikipedia entries. Any takers?


Trevor R. Todd - Creepy Jesus Figurine

Jewmongous - Jews for Jesus
Whitee - Jesus Just Wants to Dance
Mojo Nixon - Are You Drinking With Me Jesus
Order of the White Rose - Who Would Jesus Bomb?

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