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Monday, December 1, 2008

New Show - Scratch-N-Sniff

Download the Show Here:

'Tis the season...to stampede under-paid Wal-mart workers! Ho! Ho! Ho! Dave blows off X-mas parties while Jill gets that festive spirit. There's a new website a-comin. Check out the details. Facebook is really, really creepy. Jill don't want you hatin on Charlie Brown! Peppermint Patty? Well, that's another matter. Dave gets lead poisoning from scratch-n-sniff books.


The Electric Chairs - Fuck Off
Ofo the Black Company - Allah Wakbar
Bella - Stay Here
Vancougar - Phone Calls
Chumbawamba - Dutiful Servants and Political Masters
Semion - Year of the Monkee
Billy Davis - Stanky (Get Funky)

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