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Monday, May 19, 2008

New Show - Aerobic Class Tips

Download the Show Here:

Keziah goes on a rampage!  Well, that's a little harsh, but we sure do wish she wouldn't worry her pretty little head about such things.  Just kidding.  Here's the link she's talking about.  http://www.filibustercartoons.com/charts_rest_female-leaders.php Jill's getting a piratey tattoo!  Aerobic class tips for all you newbies and Dave's trip to Kula.


Christine Albert - Chante-Moi
Lynus - PJ Soles
Instiga - Bastidores


Christian Camilo said...

Maquina Milenar means Millenary Machine

Bastidores means "Backstage" and the first verse say:
We only exist to make your world better
So, don'be afraid
we only need a microssecond
to attend you
to satisfy you
with melody
before you note that we exist.

Christian Camilo said...

millenery machine (corrected)