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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Show - How to Get Chicks

Download the Show Here:

Whew...what a night.  Jill and Dave record a pretty decent show, then after she leaves, Dave discovers that the recording is unusable and has to re-do the show all over - by himself.  Don't fear, he tries to recreate all the hilarity that ensued.  We start our new weekly feature: How to Get Chicks (talk about the blind leading the blind), Dave's man-love for Vin Scelsa and an update of the presidential election.  Don't forget to brush your teeth, kids.


Melody Gardot - All That I Need Is Love
Max and the Marginalized - Teflon John
Beatrix - Sonora
Othella Dallas - Fever
Kevin Davis - Sleepless in Seattle
The Gardis - Just Like Me
Salt and Samovar - (Soon to Be the) Dust

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