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Monday, March 24, 2008

New Show - All The Girls Love Dave's Mom

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Mercy. Poor Dave's Mom. Keziah's in studio again and she and Jill give it all they have to Dave's Mom.  But that's not enough.  Special Guest, Renee gets her shots, too.  Keziah & Dave get ready to try the dreaded Kava Bar.  Keziah at a strip club? Who the hell keeps talking about REO Speedwagon?  Beware of the deadly Dog Monkey - it humps your leg then throws poo at you.


Jim Donovan - Las Vegas
Suit of Hair - Flying Underground
Tribe of Eden - Empower

Cab Calloway - Hep to the Jive

Steve Poltz - What Would Gandhi Do?
Cherry Capri and the Martini Kings - Cocktails for Two

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