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Thursday, November 22, 2007

TSBS - Reviewed at MauiTime Weekly

The Stuart Bedasso Show was just reviewed in the latest MauiTime Weekly. The review and link are below:

[PODCAST] As a fellow podcaster, I can relate to all of the "behind the scenes" stuff that goes into producing one of the blasted things. In our studio we have a lot of swearing, pre-recording screaming, snort-producing laughter and, worst of all, dull moments where we have absolutely nothing to say. Enough about us, let's talk about The Stuart Bedasso Show, a locally produced podcast that I like a lot. Hosts Dave and Jill have great chemistry. They play cool music from the Krinkles to Public Enemy and talk about stuff like whooping people's asses and their friend's roommate's heroin problem. Dave's favorite phrase is "goddammit" and I'm pretty sure that he eats those recalled Aquadots. This is really interesting because, like most parents, I have some stray Aquadots left in my home and have been tempted to ingest a few myself. Ruffies rule. Bedasso.blogspot.com. MTW

MauiTime Weekly

Listen to our review of the review on next week's show!

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