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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Democrats are Lame and Impotent

I can't even get mad at this any more. I'm just going to keep blogging on it in an I told you so way and hope it does a little to add to the drumbeat for these accomplices to murder to stop funding the war. That's what your Sentors are. They can stop the illegal occupation by not funding it and yet...Senate Passes $150 Billion War Spending Bill 92-3. Reid and Durbin talk tough...92-3???? Keep your mouth shut!

Oh, but Hoping the political landscape changes in coming months, Democratic leaders say they will renew their fight when Congress considers the money Bush wants in war funding. Fuck you. The political landscape? What about the people who are dying for corruption. It's times like this that I actually hope there IS a god so these people will be judged.

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