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Monday, August 13, 2007

New Show - Owl's Are Our Friends

Download the show here!

This week's show featured Jill, once again.  We revisited hippies (and Dave was deemed a mean one).  We also talked Jill's near-death experience with an owl...or a car window.  And she has funky dreams.  You should hear about the ones she didn't talk about on the air.  We also touched on the craze that is sweeping Russia - the 100m high-heeled dash.  There's seat covers then there's "The Hover".  Which do you do?  And this week on Keziah's Korner - Keziah & Caleb go see Daft Punk.

We also try to help our new friend James get one million MySpace friends.  James is a kid in the UK with Leukaemia.  You can get to James' space through our page or his. 


The ReBirth Brass Band - Rollin
Jenn Wertz - Little Girl Solidarity Song
Southpaw Jones - Hot So Hot
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - ACDC
Domenicer - Pornstar Like Traci Lords (the remix)

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