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Thursday, July 5, 2007

New Show - Live from The Sports Page

{Note to self:  If you're going to record the show at a bar, edit & upload the show before you start drinking}

Download the Show

A first for The Stuart Bedasso Show. We recorded at The Sports Page, a bar in Rochester, NY. We thought about getting some of the patrons on the show, but a hungover Erick was way more entertaining. Dave wants to set his stuff on fire every time something goes wrong - like Scott Proctor. And a quick note - nuclear energy is not renewable or safe. It's not an appropriate replacement for fossil fuels. Eating contests befuddle us. And Dave's not as old as he's been feeling.

OK Kids...it's time to get off our collective butts. This whole Bush administration thing has gotten out of hand. You must call your Representative and tell him or her to start working on Articles of Impeachment for both Bush and Cheney. It cannot wait until they get out of office in 2009. No more waiting around...you make the call and they get it going. http://www.house.gov. Top left corner is a place to put your zip code in to find your representative. They're on vacation so call their local office. Do it NOW.


Precious Bryant - Don't Mess Up A Good Thing
Kill Henry Sugar - Puerto Rican Day Parade
PlasmaGora - The Pauper
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Riddles
The Dollyrats - Because I'm Awesome
The Vacancies - Below Merlot

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