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Friday, May 11, 2007

New Show - Used Panties

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Not much political about this show! Keziah's brother, Caleb joins the show and chaos ensues...which is pretty much normal. Erick was talking to Zelda Cocktostensen and now she's gone. What happened? Find out on The Stuart Bedasso Show (hint: we don't think she's laying in a ditch with a blind bird). We may be going to hell, but the guy who found our show looking for used panties is going first. Save us a seat, Dude! Joining Panty-Arab-Boy on the bus to hell are all the skanks who signed the petition to keep the Queen Skank out of the hole. And the Maestro played:

The Its - Girls Kick Ass
Whitee - She Called Me Buddy
The Bastard Fairies - We're All Going to Hell (get it?)
Jenn Wertz - Shotgun
Dred Zepplin - Heartbreaker

HOLY CRUD!!! Go and vote for The Stuart Bedasso Show to get a pilot on National Public Radio! Vote for them at http://www.publicradioquest.com. Go! Now! What are you waiting for??!!?!

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