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Monday, January 22, 2007

The Stuart Bedasso Show FAQ

1. Who the hell are these cats?

Michael & Erick are brothers, so they’ve known each other most of their lives. Dave became friends with Michael in high school. In high school, they figured out that they were in the same kindergarden class together but neither one remembers the other. The three guys have played baseball together for many, long, pathetic years. Keziah met Dave through the local Green Party. Now, the four are good drinking buddies.

2. Why did they start a podcast?

Dave started doing tapes for people back in college. Michael (and others) provided vocal talent for the bits Dave wrote. In college, Dave worked at the campus radio station for 7 years (he was on the seven-year-plan). He thought about going pro, but realized what a lame industry commercial radio is. Time went on…bad rap albums and a frustrated teaching career ensued. Finally, when technology caught up, the idea of a podcast washed over Dave like the warm feeling a wino feels when he wets himself.

3. Where is the show taped?

Dave’s apartment. It’s where the equipment is.

4. Who decides on the topics that are discussed?

Dave has an ongoing list of stuff he can pull out of his ass at any given moment, but the gang tends to go with whatever is on their minds at any given time. No topic is taboo, but Dave loathes to talk about how he doesn’t get laid – it makes him sad & listless.

5. Who decides what music to play?

The Stuart Bedasso Show is non-commercial. To play most commercial music, we’d have to pay for licensing to 4 different agencies, costing us at least a couple thousand dollars a year. That ain’t happening. They’ve been looking at independent and lesser-known commercial artists and asking them directly for permission to play their music. Most have been great about it. All 4 cats can play what they want, but permission from the artist has to be gotten first. So there goes that Stairway to Heaven marathon Erick keeps asking for.

6. If there’s four of you on the show – how come most weeks there’s only 3 voices?

Michael tends to be busy on nights we tape – he has a life. So he comes over to Dave’s place at different times and cuts a lot of the "commercials" you hear on the show.

7. Jeez, who writes that crap, anyway?

Mostly Dave. We also use some old ones from the early Tape days.

8. When will Stuart Bedasso be back on the show?

Next week. We promise.

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