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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Musicians: Want your music played on TSBS?

We're always looking for new music to play on The Stuart Bedasso Show. If you have original music that you would like played you can e-mail us at bedasso23 (at) yahoo.com. You can e-mail us songs as attatchments or let us know that you'd like to send us music and we'll send you a snail mail address you can send it to.

Here are the conditions:

*Any music you send must be your own, both in performance and in creation. You have no idea what a pain in the booty it is dealing with licensing, RIAA, et al. This is supposed to be fun for us so we're not dealing with those weasels.

*By sending us music, you're saying that you have the rights to it and are giving us permission to play it on our podcast.

*We're not going to play everything we get - if it's not our kinda music, no hard feelings, but we'd rather not play it. That being said, we have pretty diverse tastes so there's a pretty good chance it'll get some kinda play.

*If you haven't heard the show, we talk a lot, so we only get to 4 or so songs a week. Be patient. If we like the music we will get to it. We'll send you an e-mail letting you know it's being played.

UPDATE: This may sound like we're being a pain in the ass, but we added the following after getting e-mailed mp3's...

*Please have your mp3's labeled/named. Downloading a file called "Track 1" is a pain. If you don't know what ID3 tags are, find out...it will help you get your music played on the internet. I've been on both sides of the music exchange thing...make it as easy for the radio/podcast person as possible.

*At a minimum, mp3's need to be at 128kbps. We prefer it to be even higher. The mp3's are compressed and the podcast is compressed. We like our show to sound somewhat decent. If it means a separate e-mail per song, that's not a problem.


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