Grow Box


Dave stumbled upon an add for the Grow Box.  The makers claimed that anyone could grow tomatoes using this thing.  Well, Dave is known for his inability to grow things (other than mold) so he contacted the company and asked if they'd be willing to supply two GB's (one for him and one for Melyssa).  If Dave was able to grow tomatoes with this thing, he would then buy 10 of them...all the while keeping a journal of his journey.  Surprisingly, the agreed!  So we interviewed Ken from The Garden Patch and away we go!

We'll infuse blog posts about our Grow Boxes in with the show posts.

Here is the show Ken was on.


June 22, 2014

Looks like Dave may be buying 10 Grow Boxes.

Tomatoes Doing Well

We had to move them off the table onto the deck when a storm came to keep them upright.

Hot & Sweet Peppers.  All but one doing great!

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