Sunday, April 29, 2012

New Show - Noah Wyle Is On This Show

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Noah just before being arrested

Melyssa and Dave, together again.  Melyssa fills us in on her trip to Cape Cod - ODing on lobster and more.  Dave goes back down to Washington DC for ADAPT and gets arrested, again.  Listen to his blow-by-blow description of the week, including his night in jail with actor, Noah Wyle.  He was able to get a short interview with Noah, too.  Check it out.  And we wrap up the show with a brief discussion about Egyptian corpse fuckers.  It's called "farewell intercourse".  How romantic.

Dave in handcuffs

Two Guitars Clash - Workhorses
Balkan Beat Box - Political Fuck
Walter Trout - Turn Off Your TV

Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Show - Clean Sanchez

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Part 2 of our conversation with Renee, Cheryl and Grace from BRAWL - Broads Regional Arm Wrestling League. We come up with some awesome new band names for you to steal.  Emo actor, Joseph Gordon Levitt, wedding stuff, busty women and more is bandied about.  Hope to see you on Saturday, April 28th at Skylark Lounge, 8pm for some lady arm wrestling.  We're sure to put a Stuart stamp on the event.

Bap Kennedy - Jimmy Sanchez
Dani Wilde - Juice Me Up
Quantic and Allice Russell with The Combo Barbero - Boogaloo 33
Storm Large - 8 Miles Wide

Sunday, April 15, 2012

New Show - Over The Top!

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While Melyssa's away, the mice shall play.  Dave hangs out with Juliette and the orgnaizers of BRAWL - Broads Regional Arm Wrestling League.  Renee, Cheryl and Grace joined the show to talk about their upcoming event to raise money and awareness for the Rochester Rape Crisis Center.  And as always we had a blast as we sipped on Brown Julius.  Does anyone know Sylvester Stallone's Mom?  Because butt reading and arm wrestling go...uh...hand-in-hand.  Local weatherdude, Rich Caniglia didn't get a big thumbs up from BRAWL.  Much, much more.

BRAWL goes down April 28th, 8pm at the Skylark Lounge, 40 S. Union St.  Suggested donation is only $2 so don't be cheap.

Sharon Jones And The Dap Kings - What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes
Harmominca Slim - My Girl Won't Quit Me
Bonnie Raitt - Down To You

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New Show - A Sexy Easter

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Dave, Melyssa and Eve in the house.  Melyssa is getting ready to leave on her first real vacation.  Eve's never had one.  Dave's have been business or family.  She's promised to bring us back crabs.  A shout out to the person driving around town blasting The Stuart Bedasso Show out your window.  You Rock!  No one on the show but Dave realized that Beaver Watch was (still is?) a feature of Hustler Magazine.  The joys of house hunting.  The joys of hotel sex.

Dr. John - Kingdom of Izzness
M. Ward - I Get Ideas
Bonnie Raitt - Used To Rule The World
Sounds of Soweto - Mama Ndiyalila
Sohail Rhana - Soul Sitar

Sunday, April 1, 2012

New Show - Tingle Tester

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Our old friend GLB joins us for a mellow edition of The Stuart Bedasso Show.  Good music, good friends, good conversation.  Dave is back from Arizona and brought a little piece of the remains of Dead Uncle Glenn with him.  Then there's the Tingling Vagina story.  It's hard to explain, you just have to hear it.  Both Melyssa AND Dave have begun house hunting.  No, not together.  But it does mean that there will be a new Dikoff Studio.  Enjoy!

Luscious Jackson - Sexy Hypnotist (remix)
Joan Osborne - I Don't Need No Doctor
Amadou and Mariam - 4 Metemya
Sena Ehrnhardt - Leave The Light On