Sunday, November 27, 2011

New Show - Sexy Time at The Parkleigh

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A special guest this week, Sherri Mitchell from Delaware Pet Stuff in Ohio joins us on the show. Oh sure, we talk pets, but a lot more.  Sherri and Melyssa dish the dirt on the retail business.  Melyssa tells about some folks sharing the holiday spirit in the parking lot, if you know what I'm sayin. O Come All Ye Faithful takes on a whole new meaning.  The mainstream media has led us astray.  The Occupy movement does have goals and is working on solutions, they just won't report it because it's not in their best interest.  We discuss.

Enoch Smith Jr. - Bring It On Home
Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - I'm Not Gonna Cry
Meshell Ndegeocello - A Bitter Mule
John Hiatt - Detroit Made

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sex Toy Review - Berman Venus G Vibrator

I agreed to review the Berman Venus G vibrator as because I’ve always been one of those who either hasn’t found her G Spot or doesn’t have one.  Either way, that bell hasn’t been rung yet.  So I thought this might do the trick.  I didn’t notice that the BVG ran on AAA batteries.  If I had seen that I would have realized that it probably didn’t pack the kick I’m used to with a hand held sexual device.  No worries, as my story has a relatively happy ending.  Literally. 

I actually received the BVG when I was out of town on a holiday.  So it made for a welcome companion.  As I alluded to earlier, it didn’t have the power I’m used to from a vibrator so at first I was a little frustrated.  It was also the shape.  The G Spot curve to it wasn’t something I was used to.  Again, being on holiday I didn’t have serious quality time to spend with BVG, but we did get to know each other.  I didn’t find my G Spot with it, but I was able to figure out how to work it around my other lady parts well enough, especially my clitoris.  It’s definitely not a dildo-type of toy.

When I got home, I was able to play with the BVG a bit more.  While I still haven’t been able to get any G Spot action, I don’t blame the toy.  I’ve gotten to like it on my clit.  It’s easy to use once you figure it out.  A vibrator shaped like that isn’t for a beginner, but if you’ve been around the block a few times, the Berman Venus G is just fine.  Orgasms aplenty! 
                                                                                                   - Veronica (guest reviewer)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Show - Ass Heavy

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Our old friend, Peter Kline is back!  And ladies...I mean, guys, he's single!  We hear tales about tails, a drunken trip to New Orleans and more.  Dave learns what a Narwhal is, but he still can't go to Olive Garden.  Wilfred Brimley for Tampex?  Nothing says Thanksgiving like Human Centipede.

Weebels - The Narwhal Song
5 In Love - Bubba Don't Forget Your Rubber (Cab Canaveral Remix)
Outthere Brothers - I Wanna Fuck You In The Ass
The Wet Spots - Do You Take It?
Slow Gherkin - They Wanted Earth
Makana - We Are The Many

Sunday, November 13, 2011

New Show - Did Jesus Manscape?

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Bryan Clutz, Adam Travis and Courtney Carlin are back for part deux of our latest thrill ride with Keglines.  We do talk about beer; the non-gluten and...uh...glutenous kinds.  Check out the upcoming Roc Beer Week for all you locals.  We dish the dirt on manscaping for a bit.  Thumbs up or scissors down?  And what would be a drunken podcast without talking about religion?  Tell us how you really feel, Adam.

The Yahoos - Gettin Drunk
The Orangu-Tones - Gotta Get Drunk

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Why Should Occupy Rochester Protesters Get Arrested?

A few people on the Facebook have been questioning the rationale of activists at Occupy Rochester getting arrested to protest the Mayor’s insistence that we not occupy the park 24/7.  It’s a fair question; though the way some have asked it has been a bit immature to say the least.  Really?  Name calling?  Ah, the glory of the internet. 

Before I get into the rationale behind the acts of Civil Disobedience, I’d like to point out one thing.  The people who are doing the questioning always cite mainstream news outlets.  As if our current corporate media have any intention on reporting these events in a fair fashion.  One of the main premises of Occupy is that there is too much influence on society by corporations so it’s in corporate entities’ best interests to portray us as out-of-work malcontents as opposed to thoughtful people who are just fed up and are willing to get off their asses to do something about it.  So first of all, you should check out a General Assembly – in person.  The Livestream feed is OK, but it’s not the same.  The GA’s are long at times and now that they are outside are a bit cold, but as the chant goes: this is what democracy looks like. 

OK, arrests.  Why bother?  I need to start with a story.  (Oh, did I mention that this was going to be a freaking long post?)

I work for the Center for Disability Rights.  I do systems advocacy.  A lot of that is trying to get laws changed or even just enforced.  We all know that there are a gazillion dollars that gets thrown at our politicians at every level and usually by industries that do not have disabled people’s best interest in mind.  I’m sure I’ll blog about disability rights at some point, but for now let’s just say that the system is fucked.  I’m sure we can agree on that point.

So we lobby, make phone calls, do online petitions, complain, educate, get out the vote, all the usual stuff.  But CDR is also tied to a national group called ADAPT.  Click on the link to learn more about what they are all about – very worthwhile.  So twice a year, Rochester ADAPT joins our brothers & sisters from all over the country in a certain city to participate in Civil Disobedience…getting arrested.  Why?  Because it works.  I’ve seen it. 

I’ve gone on three ADAPT trips and I have seen ADAPT carpetbomb Paul Ryan’s plan to gut Medicaid, get a meeting with the Secretary of HUD when he refused to answer our calls for months, slow down the stupid deficit reduction “supercommittee” in cutting health care, and more.  On our last trip, the President was in the Rose Garden doing a press conference on his jobs creation bill while we were on the other side of the White House.  Our noise was so great that he heard us during the press conference and his administration called us right there and then to tell us that a key program would not be cut in all the other crapola they were going to do to the budget.  At the state level, ADAPT took over the “War Room” in the Capitol Building earlier in the year.  New Governor, Andrew Cuomo right there and then announced that New York State would be the first state in the country to buy into the Community First Choice plan.  You can web search what that means, but it was a gigantic victory. 

ADAPT performs Civil Disobedience including arrests and it works.  Why?  Because these politicians know that no matter how many secret meetings they have, whatever the amount of campaign contributions they get from the nursing home, pharmaceutical or whatever industries, there will be people in wheelchairs showing up to their offices with handcuffs, ready to have themselves dragged out of their offices by police.  These issues mean life and death to these folks and they have nothing to lose.  And it is one tool in their toolbox. 

So why is it important that people are willing to get arrested in Rochester to have 24/7 access to Washington Square Park?  First of all, completely occupying the park is important.  See my other post for the explanation of that.  Second, this is a fight for first amendment rights.  That’s what other people die for in other countries.  That sounds melodramatic, but it’s absolutely the case here.  The Mayor claims that the park hours are enough time for free speech.  Who the hell made him the King of Free Speech?  He doesn’t get to decide and if he is going to trample on the Bill of Rights there needs to be people out in the streets willing to tell him that he’s wrong.  Seriously.  Think about this.  Being in the park is a “violation”.  So why weren’t tickets just given out?  Because this is a show of power.  Maybe you aren’t willing to stand up to “the man” but should you be denigrating those who do?

Is this smart as a tactic?  In this case, yes.  Mayor Richards is the ONLY mayor in the state refusing to allow people to occupy public space.  (Some mayors have even helped their local Occupy movement.)  The arrests aren’t the only tactics being used, but it is an important part of the entire effort to affect real change.  The corporate media hasn’t portrayed the arrests in the most sympathetic light, but you’re talking about it and that matters.  That’s crucial.  And what position is the Mayor in right now?  He’s kinda screwed himself.  Oh sure, he’s portrayed himself as the guy who has extended every opportunity to talk with protesters, but under his rules.  And what your buddies at the corporate news agencies haven’t told you is the protesters reached out to the Mayor first.  But his counter was a meeting in his office with 6 people only 4 of who were allowed to speak.  He didn’t see the irony in that. 

I think it’s interesting that those who insult the local Occupy movement the most, for the most part, don’t get off their asses to do jack squat.  Internet bitching is the most they do.  And that is their right.  That’s what free speech is all about, isn’t it?  You can relatively say whatever stupid ass thing you like.  And you can do it online or live, in a public place.  The funny thing is, the people who were arrested are actually defending the couch sitters’ right to say stupid shit on the internet, while the people who say stupid shit on the internet….say stupid shit on the internet.  The SSSOTI folks seem to think that Civil Disobedience doesn’t matter.  I disagree, but at least the arrestees are doing something.  What are YOU doing?

Oh…and you may be asking that if I’m so gung ho about CD, why haven’t I been arrested yet?  Well, I’m still on double-secret probation from CD in Washington.  I’m sure my time will come.

UPDATE:  Literally, as I posted this, the Rochester Police Department started harassing people at Washington Square Park, "under orders" to make sure people weren't sleeping on the sidewalks tonight.  THIS is how the Mayor is using police resources while crimes go on elsewhere.  Again, not a good showing for him.

New Show - Breaking Up A Bromance

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After almost a year away, Bryan Clutz and Adam Travis from Keglines are back!  So you would think we would start off talking about beer.  Nope.  Dave's junk.  It's a sickness really.  But Bryan and Adam brought along the lovely and talented Courtney.  A wonderful addition to the show, but it looks like Yoko may have broken up the bromance.  As usual, when these guys are on the show we always go long so this is only Part One of this session.  Cheers!

Rick Moranis - Four More Beers
Rosie Ledet - Mo Beer
JB Summers and Tiny Grimes - Drinking Beer
The Dubliners - Beer, Beer, Beer

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Musings on #OccupyRochester

If you’ve been listening to the podcast the past couple of weeks, you know that I’ve been involved in the local Occupy movement, hereto referred to as Occupy Rochester.  I have some observations that focus just on the local movement, but could be tied to the national one or other locals as well.

There are folks who are participating and some who are just observing who are commenting that the Occupy Rochester isn’t making demand for anything and that has been frustrating for them.  I understand their frustration, but I think these folks are missing the point of what is happening here.  Those goals are relevant, but even more so is the process of how we get there (to go New Agey…the journey).  How OR operates is even more important than the specific things we want changed because we are modeling a new way of decision-making for most people.  It’s messy, it takes time and it’s hard work.  But if we don’t take the time to get our decision-making process down in a transparent manner, we risk the danger of becoming a top-down faux-movement. 

On a pragmatic note, look at the growth of Occupy Wall Street.  Their process was slow and deliberate, but it just seemed faster because they have General Assemblies (GA) every day.  They did not immediately start making demands or working on specific issues and their group became exponentially bigger.  Why?  Because when you start narrowing your focus you lose people who don’t care about those issues.  Let’s be honest, the daily GA’s in Rochester have a large number for Rochester, but do not represent the people as a whole in this town.  Far from it.  For the numbers to get bigger, we cannot start narrowing our message and right now our message is that government is broken.

Our government doesn’t listen to us, they take away our rights.  THAT is what we are fighting right now.  The occupation of Washington Square Park IS our fight at this moment.  It is a meta issue that will allow us to continue the process of democracy.  The Mayor of Rochester is saying that we can have all the free speech we want as long as it is on HIS terms.  That’s huge!

Now, the local media isn’t getting it.  They are covering this as a traditional news story.  “If there are only 4 people camping out at WSP for #occupyrochester, does it warrant so much attention?” goes one Tweet.  TV cameras come out for their 15 second backdrop shot around the 6pm news and that’s about it.  There hasn’t been an in depth look at why people are here.  They exist to make money and a long, ongoing analysis of what we are doing doesn’t make them money.  We will continue to be dismissed by them for a while, which is why we should be more focused on grassroots organizing to get more people involved.

Now, there are some things I would like to see OR do.  And as an activist my instinct is to just go ahead and do it on my own and see who wants to help, but that’s not going to benefit the movement in the long run. 

I want to see us handing out lit every day at the Liberty Pole and the Public Market on Saturdays.  If I were to just go and do that on my own, it could go against a decision of the group without me knowing it.  So I am going to get to a GA as soon as I can and try to suggest we start handing out lit that has been developed.  If the GA thinks that is a good idea, I will ask for volunteers for help in printing, folding and distributing it and together we will make a schedule for when and where it will be done.  WE will be doing this together if there are people who want to see it happen. 

There’s a perfect example of that happening right now as people posted the letter being given to the Mayor on FB about a meeting when it was agreed that it wouldn’t be publically released until 11am.  Not a huge mistake, but it is an example of how we are not working together for the greater good of the movement. 

I would also love to shout down or just ban all the spammers and trolls on the FB group, but commenting just bumps up their extraneous stuff to higher up on the page.  For better or worse, this IS what democracy looks like.  Wouldn’t it be great if Facebook had an app that would take all of your postings and put a different name on them, then make you read them so you can see if you make any sense?  I don’t know if it would be effective, but it would sure be nice to try.

Here’s the thing that most people don’t talk about in an (allegedly) free society.  You have the right to say almost anything you like, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should say it.  There are a number of posts on the OR Facebook group that I think are off the point, destructive and show a lack of understanding of human nature.  And if I were to comment on every single one of them it would do nothing but tear down what we are trying to build.  That doesn’t mean people should keep their mouths shut, but it would be nice if folks thought more and reacted less.  I wonder if the way some people interact on FB is the way they talk to people face-to-face.  I actually hope not.

It is imperative that we have a base in which to work, to show the community what democracy looks like.  That is why our fight for Washington Square Park is so important.  Our government doesn’t dictate our rights, we dictate what our government does for us.  That is our first struggle that we have to overcome before we can get to the other stuff.  But that “other stuff” is coming, if we do this right.  We can’t compare ourselves to other Occupy movements.  Every one is unique as we all have different personalities, resources and situations.  We can learn from each other, share ideas and support, but let us not compare ourselves to each other.

We’re making a difference!  We just have to keep reminding ourselves of that.  Keep up the struggle sisters & brothers!

ADDENDUM:  A nice article from the UK that has a similar take.

                                                                                                - Dave