Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Arlen Specter...yawn.

Actually, this may be a good thing, but not for the reason you may think.

OK, so Arlen Specter switches to the Democratic party. Now the Democrats have no excuses. They have the clear majority in the house and a filibuster-proof margin in the Senate. That's it. No more excuses NOT to get stuff done.

Now, they won't do dick. But when they don't, TRUE progressives need to get off their asses and go third party. It's really that simple.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Show - More Cushin For The Pushin

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We start our series on Seduction... It took a 14-year-old to confirm it, but we already knew that Keziah has a sweet ass....I mean eyes. Stuart gets dissed by a teenager...the little teabagging whore. Bea Arthur is dead and so is Marilyn Chambers, but that douchebag, Rod Drheher, lives on...talk about no justice. Where can a brother get a patch job?


AJ Croce - You've Said Too Much
Jill Sobule - San Fransico
Rex Garvin and the Mighty Cravers - Raw Funky

San Fransico Video

Guy Who Should Be Kicked In The Nads of the Week

We'll definitely be talking about this douchebag on the show later today.

Two Women, Two Paths


Monday, April 20, 2009

New Show - Dave's Reporter Fetish

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Dave and Melyssa go on a field trip...to hear the lovely and talented Zuza Szewczyk, and Melyssa knows way more than Dave about the music thing. We confirm it...Dave has a weird reporter fetish. The new object of his affection? Ana Marie Cox. But he's still waiting for that call from Connie Chung. Keziah kicks a little kid's ass...well, sorta.

The Stuart Bedasso Show: Bold, yet Ostentatious!


The Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Pow'ful 'Merka

Golem - Come To Me
El Ka Bong - Hangover Sunday
The Mouse Outfit - Dig This

Friday, April 17, 2009

We Must Prosecute Torturers

Blah, blah, blah...teabag whatever you want, but does your god, president or whatever endorse this? We really should just drop this? Really? Suppose it was your family who was tortured this way...would you feel the same?


Monday, April 13, 2009

We Refuse To Learn

Look. I have an undergraduate degree in History. But having said that, I can't remember a date or name to save my life. I'm a concept kinda guy. Having said that, we humans are stupid. And Americans are particularly stupid. (I generalize, of course)

We continue to make the same mistakes over and over and over again and expect a different result. It's truly mindboggling. We continue to stick our noses into other people's business and then wonder why they hate us. Duh. We wonder why powerless countries (and/or their renegades) try to get nuclear weapons. Duh. We try to force democracies on others. By definition you can't force a democracy!

Look at Rome, look at the Ottoman Empire, look at...well, us. Vietnam, Russia's Afghanistan, our Afghanistan....the Seven Years War, The HUNDRED Years War, blah, blah, blah.

Oh, and hey, how 'bout those pirates, huh? Here's a novel idea...why don't we stop fucking with them, eh? Maybe we could stop dumping nuclear waste in their water and taking their (now) nuclear fish.

And would someone please make hot, gay love to John Bolton, please? PLEASE?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

New Show - Monsanto Rules The World

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Melyssa's on the DL...and she's sick, too. We cover it all this week...pirates, gay marriage, female circumcision and more. Facebook gets weird with Zombee Jesus. We start talking about sports, but soon figure out that it's all big plot by Monsanto to rule the world. Hey! Come correct with your hat!


Joan Stiles - Past Imperfect

Tim Henson - Do Me Wrong (but do me)
Daylight Savings Account - I Am Looking For An Affect
Tony Fox - (I've Got To) Do It To It
The Zest of Yore - I'll Do The Thinking
Rose Davis - Yes, I've Been Crying
The Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Is We Or Aint We

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Why the Left Will NEVER Rule

(And I mean the true left)

Tonight, I had a meeting to go to. It was for this community endeavor that I'd rather not discuss right now. Nothing illegal, it's just not important to the story. I didn't feel like going, but I dragged my ass out and went into the "big city". I was there 5 minutes early. The next person showed up 15 minutes late. Oh, wait. I'm wrong. Two new people misread the three e-mails and actually showed up an hour early, but seeing as how it's a coffee shop they hung out. But I didn't know they were there for the meeting until the late guy got there. Turns out there's just the 4 of us for the evening. Fine. Whatever. The two new people proceed to talk about everything under the sun except what were there for. They talk over each other and interrupt everyone.

Now those of you who have ever been to a meeting I've run, know I ain't having any of this. But it's not my gig so I just sit there and pretty much stare at my notepad. There was no agenda. Totaled, we discussed the reason for the meeting for about 5 minutes...maybe 7. Hardly anything was taken away in terms of "assignments" for next time.

That is one of two scenarios for lefty meetings. The other one is the opposite. Everyone is super serious, arguments break out and people storm away mad. I've been in those, too. Either way, the true left will never rule.

What about Clinton? What about Obama? Please...they're corporate shills.

Anyway, I was so pissed about that hour of my life that I'll never get back I went to the gym. Fortunately, Gruntmaster Flash and Sir Clank-A-Lot were not there, or there would've been some bloodshed.

UPDATE: I received an e-mail telling me that the meeting was a "huge success". Uh, OK.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Show - Keziah Flare-Up

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It's not a cold sore, it's another Keziah Flare-Up. (That's said with love) What do you do with your Republican friends? Stuart's obsessed with Michelle Obama's clothes, too! Michael Vick doesn't seem to understand what bankruptcy is. Got guns? Sadly, yes. And presidential sexual idiosyncrasies.


The Olympic Ass Kicking Team - Willie Mays
Zest of Yore - She Comes From Good Stock
Suzanne Monroe - Desiring [we said Moore....it's Monroe...sorry]
Two Guitars Clash - Slash N' Burn
Joan Stiles - Hurly Burly (J2 Mary Lou)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Margaret Cho's Ode To Dick

Not that there's anything wrong with this...but I should explain how I...uh...came across...this. One of Dave's cyber-crushes, Violet Blue, went to some Gay Porn award ceremony and blogged about Margaret Cho performing this song. Here's the video.

It is beyond not safe for work. Seriously.


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Links For Discussion

Ever wanted to see someone go down on Abe Lincoln? Justine Lai is an artist who is in the midst of painting self-portraits of herself having sex with every US President. This link is definitely not safe for work.

A new blog is up where you can share things said before, during or after sex. I've submitted one, haven't seen it up yet.

Is there a favorite bartender you'd like to pick up? Good luck, pal.

And this is still one of my favorite: The Old Negro Space Program.



Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Schools Make You Stoopid

Another good example of what's up with schools. Man, adults bug the hell out of me.