Wednesday, April 25, 2007

New Show - What Is Flapjacking?

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The evilness known as I-tunes, Keziah goes to a pro-choice rally...and gets the finger, what the heck is Flapjacking and why was that guy doing it on a baseball field, Dave's Ghetto Badge gets revoked and used panties = internet wampum.

The crew of The Stuart Bedasso Show will be at The Keg, 315 Gregory Street in Rochester on Saturday, May 12th to help celebrate the return of our friends Pietzsche Neatchy and their new CD. If you want to see what shirts Keziah, Erick and Dave will be wearing, go here. Heck, you can even get your own!

Music for this week:

Sloan - Who Taught You to Live Like That
The Moaners - I Think I Love You
Pietzsche Neatchy - Blank
Moby and Public Enemy - Make Love Fuck War

UPDATE: We were just informed that the Pietzsche Neatchy gig will be moved to Saturday, June 9th at the Bug Jar. All other the other things still apply...we'll be there wearing our stylish shirts (which you can get at, and fun will be have by all.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Show - We've Got Your Tax Returns Right Here

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Part II of Brian's Visit...Dave's Dad makes a triumphant return to the show before he heads off to balmy Arizona. TSBS may be the only show that doesn't talk about the Virginia Tech incident. We thought you could use a break. We do talk about how much stuff we all have and how happy it makes us. The article Dave refers to can be found here. Keziah looks like the chick from Work Out while Dave looks like some guy who works at a gas station. Want a new way to get an extension for your tax returns? Listen up, but you better drink a lot of beer first. Then there's music!

Gaucho Gil - The Ballad of Gaucho Gil
Eleni Mandell - Say Goodbye
Jerry Gibbens - Burn it Down
The Moaners - Shrew (accoustic)
Colin Hay - What Would Bob Do?

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Show - We Got 'dem Nappy Hoes

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Nappy Hoes, Nappy Hoes, everyone's talking about those Nappy Hoes. We do, too. And we have a special guest - Brian, aka Dave's Dad! We talked about the dry humpfest called the Shakira/Beyonce video. There's nothing like porn at the gym. And what is the deal with VH1? Now they're comparing guy-celebrity packages?!!? And there's exclusive music that you're not going to hear anywhere else from Colin Hay!

Colin Hay - This Time I Got You
Josh Weinstein - Scared White Men
Gaucho Gil - Holiday Inn
Golem - The Rent
Bryan Ferry - The Cruel Ship's Captain

Call your Representatives! Get funding for the Iraqi invasion stopped!
Your Senators
Your Congressperson

Thursday, April 5, 2007

New Show - How to Get Chicks

UPDATE: Holy Crud! No one told us that we forgot the link to the show!!!
Download the show here!

A day late, but not a dollar short. Dave sucked it up and despite illness, the gang turned in a stellar performance. The Fonz does sex ed, New Paltz Mayor, Jason West, shows us how it's done. We also touch upon the hypocrisy of our elected officials. We warned you and now they're here - new "bits" exclusive to TSBS! As a public service, Keziah explains what a guy really needs to do to get and keep a woman...and it's not pretty.

Marc Maron - Political Action
Jodelle - Rabbit Cage
Colin Hay - Just Don't Believe You Any More
Michelle Hotaling - You Shoulda
Abi Tapia - The Way to My Heart

We'll keep telling your "representatives" and tell them to do whatever it takes to bring our troops home.

Your Senators
Your Congressperson

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Day Late

Sorry kids...due to illness, this week's show will get on a day late. Check back Thursday night. Piece out.